Curt in the Desert

Dear Friends & Family,

Whether riding handlebar to handlebar with one of his friends, sitting around the campfire at night or teaching the kids his amazing riding skills; the desert was one of Curt's favorite places. He loved the warm days, cold nights, clear skies and most of all the smell of the fresh desert air. Before he passed away he told me he would like to have some of his ashes spread in the desert.

We will do just that on November 23rd in the Mojave Desert. Some of Curt's friends have designed a memorial of some sort (they are keeping it a surprise from me) which will be dedicated and placed at the Husky Monument. If you would like to join us for the weekend or the day, please email me directly at for details. We have already heard from many people and are excited to gather together to remember and memorialize Curt. For those who can't make it, we know you love Curt and our thoughts will all be in the same place that day.

Wear your "Curt Shirt"!
If you would like to order t-shirts including a long sleeve option please email Lynn at  no later than November 6th. They are $7.00 for short sleeve and $10.00 for long sleeve and $1.50 extra for 2x or larger. You are welcome to order whether or not you will be joining us!

We love all our friends and I thank God everyday for bringing such wonderful people into our lives.


Enjoy these photos of Curt with his family and friends in the desert!