Remembering Curt on His Birthday

Dear Friends & Family,

If you know me, you know I love to celebrate birthdays! Honoring people on their special day is a great way to say how much they mean to me and to the world. Buying gifts for people brings me joy. Celebrating with friends is always fun and a great reason to get together.

Today is Curt's birthday. He would have been 47. We would have been celebrating. We would have had birthday parties, dinners and special plans for the next week or two. The kids would have thought of special ways to honor their Dad. It would be a time of celebration.

Today it is just a day of emptiness; as it has been for the last three months. Empty heart, aching stomach, tears falling at any given moment. I will remember his past birthdays, our friendships and the sparkle in his eye, as my heart aches for his presence.


Thank you all for the sweet texts today!

"Even Now" by Tom Kell

Many of you have asked for the lyrics to the touching song, "Even Now", that Tom Kell wrote for, and sang at, Curt's memorial here they are. I am hoping to post the video of Curt's service soon, so that way you will also get to hear it. Click on the song sheet image below to zoom in.