Prayers & Support

Dear Friends & Family,

I didn't post last night because I didn't have anything positive to say. We are all really struggling right now. Curt's ability to walk has decreased so much in the last two weeks that he is in the wheelchair just about full time. This happened so fast we haven't had time to adjust. Our activities are getting more and more limited. When Curt does try to take a few steps he is very unstable and is falling more often. The kids have been great to help him when needed but they are all very sad. I am barely sleeping due to insomia for the last month so my ability to make the best of everything is not present. I am tired, defeated and heartbroken. I am sad for Curt and sad for the kids. I want to protect them emotionally, but there is nothing I can do. I feel defeated by this disease. Curt is, as always, taking it as it comes and trying to keep his spirits up for us. We are still laughing and carrying on with life, but the sadness is more present more often.

All I can say for now is please pray for our family and thanks for supporting us.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa (17), Cayden (15), & Corbin (10)

The Ziemke Family
one of my favorite photos!


Melissa said...

We love you! Hear our prayers, O Lord!

Anonymous said...

You, Curt and the kids are in our prayers. Our hearts are breaking for all of you.

Barbie said...

Bless you Dear Cindy and know that my thots, my prayers and most positive spirit is with you in this time of sadness. I love all of you so much and struggle more than you'll ever know with that one little word.....Why? Why is this happening to you, where is our God to help you, why must you suffer? Yes...... I struggle with these questions and my faith. My heart breaks......I will still pray! I wish I could hold your family in my are all so very, very special.

Anonymous said...

Dear Curt, Cindy, Clarissa, Cayden and Corbin:
We are sending lots of hugs and love to you. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. If there's anything you need from us...... lots of love to you. Denise, George, Alec and Aiden

Anonymous said...

Dear Ziemke's you all are in my thoughts and prayers daily. My heart is filled with love for all of you. Dino.

Bill Ziemke said...

Team CZ...please know that all of you are loved dearly and in our thoughts and prayers continuously. Hang in there and don't ever give up. Hold tight to the promises that God has made known in His word (both now and in the future) and cling closely to each other with relentless positivity and sincere appreciation of each others life. We love you and here for all of you always for any reason. Love, UB