Wine Time

Dear Friends & Family,

We have always been "party" people. It seems there is always a reason to celebrate and/or just gather friends together. Now more than ever, there is reason to gather friends together. Curt loves being with family and friends and enjoys the energy of constant activity. Gatherings just seem to happen around here. Some parties are planned but many are impromptu. For as many photos you see of gatherings at our house there are many more where no photos where taken. People just pop in and suddenly it's party time! We love spontaneous parties where there are no expectations, just friends hanging out.

Curt says that the clock is ticking and we have no time to waste. He cherishes his time with friends and family. This weekend his high school/motorcycle friends planned a party at our house. They brought food and bbq'd a delicious dinner. It was great to hear all the stories from the past. It was also touching to see how much they care for Curt and support him. The night before, we had plans to go to dinner with The Melansons, but as soon as they arrived, some friends stopped by and soon it was a pizza and salad party in the backyard complete with a full moon and warm breeze!

I have said over and over again how great our friends are. As things are getting more difficult for us, everyone is jumping right in to help. Jacki comes to our house every four weeks and cuts Curt's hair and spends the day with him. Friday, a few friends took Curt for a drive down the coast for the day. They had a great day exploring the Coast and getting out together. While they were away, my friend Rhonda treated me to a makeover and lunch. Thanks Rhonda! We got news this weekend that Rosalie, Curt's caregiver, accepted another job. As I fretted about what to do with Curt so I could go to work, our friend Bernie jumped right in and spent the day with Curt on Monday. Knowing that Rosalie is no longer here, many have already offered meals, which we may accept soon. As hard as it is for us to ask for help, our friends have been great to offer, this has made our lives so easy. The pressure of this disease is tough but the support of all those around us makes it easier to cope. Thank you all!

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Thanks Candy for the great seats at the Angel game!

Friday with the Boys

Don, Jeff R, Jeff H, Curt, Ray, Bill, George
In back, Brian, Steve-o, Darren
Great party guys! 

Cayden and his friends meet up Sundays for lunch.

It's Official!
Clarissa will be attending California State University Long Beach!
(She just returned from her workout, when we snapped this photo of her in her new CSULB sweatshirt)

Curt is teaching Corbin the art of how to pick a fragrance.

I love the new perfume they chose for me!

Dinner at the Chart House with Ed & Julie!

Roses are blooming everywhere!
I snapped this photo as I was pulling into the office today.
The yellow roses remind me of my Texas friends.

Our friend Mike Casey is here tonight from Palm Springs.
We enjoyed dinner at Macaroni Grill and then a treat from Baskin Robbins!


Melissa said...

Wow, I don't know how you do all this Cindy Lee. I know everyone appreciates all you do to make us feel so close when we are so far away! All the Texas roses are in full bloom - especially the yellow ones! :)

nasaman said...

Again this week I've SOOOO enjoyed reading your incredible updating letter (and the terrific photos), Cindy! I think of you, Curt and your precious family and pray constantly for you (my blue wristband keeps me reminded) although I'm 2,700 miles away on the east coast.