Two Years

Dear Family & Friends,

It has been two years today since Curt was diagnosed with ALS. The doctor said most people live between 2-5 years. ALS has never taken a break or slowed down in Curt's body. His health has declined steadily now for two years. This past week has been extremely hard. He is losing his excitement for life, he is tired, and he seems defeated. He is calm and quiet during the day, he goes to bed early and sleeps well although he is sometimes agitated and uncomfortable at night. The doctor has him on many prescriptions; anti-pain, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, muscle relaxants and morphine. This week they increased all his dosages.

Please pray for Curt's comfort. Also, the saddness that has always been around is now resting heavily on our shoulders. This is a tough time for all of us and all who see him often. We still mangaed a few outings this past week and we are making the most of what we can. Here are some photos. Thanks for praying!

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Last Thurday night at Ruths Chris Steakhouse, Yum!

Sunday FunDay at the Coyles'!

We got to watch Larry's Family Feud video!

Larry on the right end (so cute!) in 1980! His mom Shirley (love you), on the left!
Debbie was in the audience and they filmed quite a bit of her too! They were engaged at the time!
Thanks for sharing your TV debut with us (and dinner), it was a super FunDay!

Monday Night Meals are such a big help to us.
 Thank you Joe, Andi & Alyssa Moreno for bringing us dinner!

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