Remembering Curt

Dear Friends,

This past weekend Curt's friends gathered in the desert. Our time was full of stories, memories, tears and laughter all revolving around Curt. Here's a glimpse...

The Husky Monument

Paul Popp designed this memorial for Curt, planned the weekend and gave the following speech. Paul's speech was followed by a tequila toast from everyone to Curt's memory and then the release of lanterns into the sky.

Just one more?
When I think of Curt, just one more always comes to mind.
Just one more.  We all wish Curt had “Just one more”.  It was something you heard often when you were with Curt.  His zeal (zest) for life was evident in all the “just one more’s”,  Just one more drink, just one more ride, just one more log on the fire, just one more hug.  
This wasn’t because he was dying; it was because he was LIVING.  This saying wasn’t new to Curt; it was how he lived his life. There’s no time like the present to ring everything out of your time on earth. By having just one more, Curt made sure he spent all the time he could with friends, with family, or just doing things he loved.
Curt loved this desert.  So I think it appropriate that his presence be felt here.  Clarissa, Cayden, and Corbin all shared Curt’s love of riding and being in the desert, so I believe this will give them a destination.  Just like their Father set them upon their individual paths in life hopefully this will be a trail they can use when times get rough and they need a little solace.  All who come to this memorial, that too many riders now call home, will know another rider has joined God and now starts his rides from this hallowed ground.
“Just one more” is something that we all here wish we could have with Curt. And for every person here, that One More Thing will be different.  It’s that one thing that you will see, hear, smell, feel, or experience that will trigger a memory of Curt.  We all have many of those “Just one more” memories.  Just one more: Long conversation, Kiss, Hug, Smile, Laugh, Story, Turn of the wrench, Mile.
Today we welcome Curt to his desert home with a toast.  “Here’s to you because of me”.
Today we say goodbye with the release of these Sky Lanterns.
We have had our time to mourn, our time to grieve.  Now we must let go and be thankful for the time we had Curt with us.
I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7
“If you’re not crashing, you’re not trying hard enough” CZ
The Memorial was a gift from the Troublemakers 
Such an awesome tribute! Thank you!

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