The Strongest Man I Know

Dear Friends & Family,

When I first met Curt in 6th grade, I remember noticing his muscular build. He personified strength, yes, even in 6th grade. Years later, when we began dating at 16, I was captivated by his muscles. Instead of holding his hand when we walked side by side, I would wrap my hand around his bicep and walk with him, amazed by his strength.

Today.....even though ALS is causing his muscles to waste away from his left shoulder all the way down to his hand....he is still the strongest man I know. He shows his strength every day. He performs his normal tasks, which have become much more difficult, with a great attitude and tons of patience. He struggles to apply his deodorant, tie his shoes, open ziploc bags for the kid's lunches, and get his wallet out of his pocket. His left hand just doesn't perform like it used to. He used to bounce down stairs, usually skipping the last half dozen steps with one big jump. Now his legs are shaky he takes each step slowly and cautiously, concentrating on each step. This week he fell down the attic ladder, a set of stairs and off his truck tire when he was trying to wash the windows on his truck. When he gets cold, he has a hard time walking and even talking. Although his body is going haywire and deteriorating day by day he has a positive attitude and never complains about what is happening to him. have the strength, mentally and physically, of Curt. He amazes me each day!

Please continue to pray!


Cindy and Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

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