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Dear Friends & Family,

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, notes, calls and visits. Like I said before it really touches Curt and our family. We are so thankful for our friends, family and prayer groups throughout the counrty. Corbin and I were talking about all the people praying for daddy and the states and countries these people are in. We were excited to learn that a friend of friend is on a mission trip in New Zealand. She was going to pray for Curt on the highest mountain where she could be above all the noise of the earth and closer to God. We also have people in Mexico asking for updates on Curt and praying for him. It amazes me how far the word has spread about Curt.

Some people who don't know us personally have asked for details about Curt & our family. Here is some information:

Curt is 43 years old. He grew up in Torrance, CA, the youngest of 5 siblings. He was raised by loving parents who were married for 35 years when his dad passed away at the age of 58 (Curt was 29). Curt's mom lives nearby in Long Beach. Curt enjoys dirtbike riding and wakeboarding. He loves to be outdoors and active. He is the type who never asks for help and is always willing to help others. Curt and I began dating at 16. We were married at 22 (21 years ago). We have 3 children. Curt is a great dad and has been actively involved with the kids since birth. He takes them to doctor appointments, practices, shopping, whatever they need, he is there for them and happy to help!

Clarissa is 16. She enjoys motorcycle riding, wakeboarding and volleyball. She is sweet, responsible and fun to be around. Her and her dad love to tease each other and goof around. She has recently gotten Curt hooked on watching football. She loves driving and being with friends. Her weekends are always full of fun activiites with her friends; movies, shopping or just hanging out.

Cayden is 14. He enjoys motorcycle riding, wakeboarding, soccer, football and volleyball. He is smart, active and creative. He likes to work in the gargage with Curt on bikes, wood, or building things. He is strong and thoughtful like his dad. Although he will not be 16 until Feb 2011, he is anxious to get a truck and work with his dad customizing it for off road. He has awesome friends and is always busy.

Corbin is 10. He likes to ride motorcycles, wakeboard (sometimes), play soccer and football. He is sensitive, smart beyond his years, and funny. He says really crazy things and keeps us all laughing. He is good at reading people and putting things into perspective. He likes to ride his bike, play video games and hang out with his friends. He has been learning about guns and rifles and shooting targets with Curt at the Lake. He really likes the 22 rifle.

I am turning 44 tomorrow. I can't wait to blow out my candles and wish for many more healthy days with Curt. I come from a very close and loving family, my parents live in Torrance and have been married 46 years. I love being a wife and a mom. I enjoy planning dinners and trips with our friends, boating and motorcycle riding with our family and having the kids friends at our house for pool parties. Right now I am trying to shield myself and my family from the pain this disease has upon us. It is so hard to see Curt lose his strength day by day, and not be able to do anything about it. This is a terrible hopeless disease. For now, I have to stay busy and live for today, if I think about the future it is too painful and I can't breathe.

We enjoyed our Christmas break together as a family. We had a wonderful Christmas Day with both of our families at our house. Curt worked all day cooking prime rib, one in the oven and one on the smoker. They were delicious! We ate a tasty meal that everyone contributed to and then opened gifts and played a game. Then next day we left for my parents Lake House at Lake Nacimiento. While we were there Curt & Cayden tractored a bike jump on a hillside then we watched and video taped Cayden jumping. Later, Curt taught Clarissa & Cayden to drive his truck up muddy hills and how to slide it through the mud on a rainy day. He took all the kids shooting and then taught Corbin to drive the tractor and use the bucket and hoe attachments. We came home for one day and unpacked and then repacked . We spent New Years weekend at Ocotillo Wells, in our motorhome, riding dirt bikes. Curt was able to ride his motorcycle a little which made the kids really happy! We had a great weekend with great friends riding during the day and hanging out by the campfire at night. We are so blessed and thankful for our awesome friends!

We are looking forward this year to treatment options in Mexico for Curt. He is undergoing a lot of tests over the next month which we will send to Mexico and hope that they will accept him for a clinical trial in July (hopefully sooner). This seems to be our only hope. Thank you for continuing to pray for Curt. We love our friends and family!


Cindy and Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

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