The Pizza

Dear Friends & Family,

The other night Curt & I went out for pizza. He asked me what toppings I would like on the pizza, as he waited for an answer my mind raced. Who am I to choose toppings? I have a lifetime of pizzas and topping choices ahead of me. Who knows how many more pizzas he will get to enjoy? I want these days to be perfect for him. Curt has always put everyone before himself. He is truly the most selfless person I know. How lucky am I to be the one who got to choose toppings and just about everything else a couple decides. Back to the pizza....after I insisted that he decide on the toppings, we had pepperoni, onions and olives. It was the best pizza ever!

Curt took the boys to Monster Truck Jam on Saturday. They had a good time and enjoyed visiting with our friend from high school who drives the Obsession truck. Sunday evening he grilled up some tasty fish on his new bar-b-que. He is keeping busy, which helps. His body is getting weaker by the day. This is very frustrating for him. Please pray that the deterioration will slow down. We just got word of a new stem cell trial in Louisiana. They are sending us a questionnaire; the doctors will review it and then choose their patients for the study. Please pray for the right decision to be made.

Thank you to those who have reached out to Curt with phone calls and cards. This truly touches him.


Cindy and Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

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