Please Join Us!

Dear Friends & Family,

Helping others is something our family loves to do. On Saturday, October 9, we will be able to help others with ALS by raising funds to support the ALS Association. We have formed Team CZ and will be raising money and walking as a team to help in the fight against ALS.

Please gather your families and friends and join us at El Dorado Park in Long Beach for a 2 mile walk. Bring lunch for your family and join us for a picnic after the walk. It will be fun to see everyone there, supporting Curt!

In order to join our team and walk or simply make a donation click on the ALS Website.

We had a great Labor Day Weekend. Friday, we celebrated Corbin's his actual birthday with family at Fuddruckers. Saturday, we joined lots of friends of the Popp Family in their new home in Acton for a housewarming pool party. My cousin Alyson, her husband Jeanno, and kids Dominic & Ethan came from the Sacramento area and stayed with us Sunday & Monday. It was great to hang out with them by the pool, grill steaks and catch up with each other.

As of today, all the kids are back in school. Corbin is now a 5th grader. We are looking forward to a great school year. Clarissa and Cayden have been in school a week now as a senior and a sophomore, they are happy with their classes and teachers. I have to say that we are very impressed with the teachers and counselor at Los Alamitos High School. They have been so compassionate doing all they can for our family. We could not ask for more caring and genuine people, especially Clarissa & Cayden's counselor, Mrs. Olshan. Thank you so much for supporting our family.

Curt is doing well on his new supplements and diet. He is eating foods that are good for his body. He has more energy, is speaking well and sleeping well. He has learned new exercises from Andrea Henderson, who is a physical therapist and has volunteered her time to come weekly and teach Curt. Thank you Andrea! With daily workouts these exercises will help Curt maintain the muscle and coordination he has and hopefully he can get stronger in time.

Thank you all for continuing to pray for health and healing.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Clarissa & her Los Al friends stopped by Fuddruckers on their way to the football game
to wish Corbin a Happy 11th Birthday!

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