Curt's Words

Dear Friends & Family,

I have been careful in my weekly updates not to speak what Curt or the kids are feeling. It is not my place to share their innermost feelings unless they ask me to or give me permission. This week, I wanted you to hear straight from Curt. He is pretty private and not one to talk about himself. I asked him if I could interview him for tonight’s update and he agreed.

When you were diagnosed with ALS what went through your head?

I thought of not being able to finish raising my kids and not growing old with Cindy.

Were you angry?

I have gotten mad a few times. I have not ever said “why me”. I felt there was a reason for this and believe that someday something good will come out of this.

What’s the hardest thing about being physically disabled?

Everything; it is frustrating not being able to do regular day to day tasks around the house or with the kids.

Is there a good side to this disease?

It really shows me how much people care. Not only my closest friends but also people I barely knew before the disease now reach out to me and show me such compassion.

Do you have any regrets in life?

No, not any. I am glad we enjoyed life and lived each day to the fullest. We never put off doing things or going places as a family.

Do you have any advice for us?

Enjoy every day. Each day is a new opportunity to do the right thing, to put others first and to tell family & friends how much you love them.

Any last words?

Through all this I still feel like the luckiest guy I know. I have a beautiful, loving wife, wonderful children, and awesome family and friends.

Curt amazes me each day. He is so patient and caring. He is always trying to do things for us and for others. Even through all of this, he is constantly thinking about the needs of others. Last week was a rough week for me. Sometimes I wish I could crawl in a hole and not come out until it is all over. Many days I feel I don’t have the strength to continue on like this. It is truly the support of Curt and our friends that get me through those dark days. Although I try to hide my weariness from the kids, Clarissa always picks up on my bad days. She has a special gift for reading people. Whenever she knows I am struggling, she takes over family duties. She picks up her brothers, shops, cooks, cleans and instinctively does what needs to be done. She is truly amazing and mature beyond her years. We are sorry that she has to help carry this burden. The boys are also sensitive if there is any sadness at all in our house. At those times, we all come together and cry. Then we get up and move on. Sadness doesn’t last long around here! We are thankful for our wonderful children and are inspired by their strength and love.

Please pray for Curt’s strength. He really needs a little more in his legs. It would be nice if he could take a few steps without having such shaky legs and being so unstable. I worry about him in the mornings, trying to shower and get himself ready while none of us are home.

One last pitch for the ALS walk on October 9th! We would love to see you if you can come. You can register now, on the right-hand sidebar, or register the day of the event. If you would like to purchase a t-shirt, please email Lynn (link on right-hand side bar) by tomorrow, Wednesday the 29th. Remember to bring your lunch, blankets and whatever will be fun for your family. We will all hang out after the walk and catch up with each other over a picnic lunch.

As I say every week, but I can never say it enough, we love our friends and family. Thank you for caring and praying and hoping and believing!


Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

ps: Please click on and read the comment under the update entitled "Different". Our friend Barbie from Oregon wrote the most touching comment. We hope it touches your hearts too.

 Curt & Corbin at Soccer
Krystal, Lindsey, Clarissa, Curt, Cayden & Steve-O
Clarissa giving Curt his shot for the first time.


Maybe it's not so bad.

All done! Great job everyone!
Just another fun filled day at the Ziemke House!


Alyson Pace said...

I was reading this last night and thinking about Curt's statement about something good coming from this. I have always thought of myself as an eternal optimist but in this case, it has been really challenging for me to come up with any form of a silver lining. I was also thinking last night what a gifted writer you are, wearing your bravery on your sleeve, and how your beautiful "updates" have connected so many. Maybe the good thing, if anything can be good, is that your updates are turned into a book. Maybe your strength, Curt's strength, and the kid's wisdoms can help someone else whose family is struck with ALS. Perhaps you can use your gift to teach them to love as you have.


Gallie said...


Your positivity inspires me in ways you can't imagine. I am sure you have you bad days/moments, but to see how you continue on with life is simply amazing. I think the one thing that I have learned is how you and your family enjoy each moment. This was true even before your illness, but now even all the more. I will admit, though, that I find myself failing. I complain about work, about my busy schedule, about not getting enough sleep, and on and on. My gosh, who am I to complain...yet I do.

Thank you for being that inspiration and thank you for how you have chosen to appreciate each serves as a reminder of how I need to do the same. I appreciate you!

Cindy (and Alyson),

YES! Cindy, your writing cuts right to the heart. Seriously, you have a gift and a story to tell. Maybe one day you will write all this in a book...but for now you are writing for us and including us on your journey. We are grateful and I for one am touched, inspired, motivated, moved, saddened, etc. by all that you write. It's real, honest, and life chaning. Thank you very much for that unselfish act!

With Love,

Steve for the Gallies