From Clarissa's Heart

Dear Friends & Family,

Tonight some special words from Clarissa.......

“Clarissa, you should write the update this week,” suggested my Mom.


I have high standards to live up to after what my mom writes every week, so here goes nothing.

So I was thinking, this is basically like a free therapy session, except there are 300 people reading my thoughts instead of one person listening to them. My wonderful mother said she doesn’t share what I’m feeling in her weekly updates, but I have no idea how to share what I am feeling. So I’ll start with this: I am happy for the time we have together, I’m sad our time is limited. I’m grateful for all the love and support from friends and family. I am constantly worried when I’m not with him, in case he needs help doing something. I am learning so much and growing up much faster than I ever thought. Through all this, I’m having the time of my life.

I have always dreamed of what my future would be like. I’ve planned countless dream weddings, decided names for my kids, and figured out exactly the type of guy I want to marry. Throughout these dreams, my dad has always been on my mind. I have to make sure he approves of the man I marry. I imagined him in his tux walking me down the aisle. I thought about him holding my kids, and teaching them things he probably shouldn’t be teaching them at such a young age. I imagined him picking them up and throwing them into the pool like I used to love.

November will be a year since he was diagnosed. It went by faster than any of us could have imagined. Last year this time he was riding motorcycles and wakeboarding. He is now in a big, ugly wheel chair that’s always in the way, although it can be quite entertaining to watch him mess around and do tricks. We are all making the best of it.

My Senior Year, the best year. Formal, Prom, Graduation, and deciding what College I will attend. My dream has been to go to college in Texas. Over the summer, I visited Texas Christian University. I absolutely loved it and thought it would be a great fit for me. But because of my dad’s disease, I will not be going there. I want to stay close to him and be able to come home whenever I want to or need to. I’m in the process of choosing which colleges I will be applying to.

My dad is amazing; he is so strong for us and his humor could make anyone smile. We laugh together like were best friends. He looks at me and knows exactly what I’m thinking. We help each other through the falls. Literally. And we laugh and stay positive through it all. He is the greatest father, husband, and friend. I couldn’t be more thankful for everything he’s done and is still doing for our family.

I Love You Daddy!

Your little girl ~ Clarissa

Last Friday night we had a Hawiian Luau! It was so much fun to have so many friends join us for a great evening. We even had Hawaiian weather; warm and humid and a sprinkling of rain, not typical of an October night near the beach. The luau was complete with a honeybaked ham (decorated into a pig, thanks Julie!) and lots of other Hawaiian food. Mark & Kelli surprised us with an incredible Hawaiian dancer who entertained the crowd with her amazing hula dancing! Thanks to all our great friends who came, brought food, helped out and blessed our family with love. It was truly a night to remember!

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa (17), Cayden (15) & Corbin (11)

Our little Pig!

Chloe, Lauren, Lauryn, Paige & Camryn

George, Curt, Jim & Mundo
The Party



Celia said...

Clarissa, you are the most amazing granddaughter and the love of our life! Your words and wisdom at your age are unbelievable. We love you so much and you have answered so many questions we all wonder if you had thought of. We all pray Curt will have many more years with you, the rest of your family and all Curt's friends.

I just have to say this one thing on a lighter note. Cindy, I never thought I would see you and Curt dressed in shirts to match! I remember when you would "rag" on Dad and me if we dressed alike.

We love all of you soooo much!

Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad, Jim and Celia

Gallie said...

Hi Clarissa,

I had two thoughts as I sat here trying to read your post, wiping the tears from my eyes.

The first is that you are much like your mom...I see glimpses of strong determination with an open heart willing to share yourself with others.

The second is that you are dealing with something that far outweighs what most of us will ever experience. I look to the future being a grandpa to my kids, a husband to my wife, a father to my sons to give them support and guidance, walking Baylee down the aisle on her wedding day. I value my future so much!

Although we are all hopeful for a miracle for your dad, the reality is that your future has been pulled out from under your feet. What you imagined is all different...unknown...probably unimaginable. It doesn't seem right. It's a lot for a young girl to deal with...and in all honesty I think it's too much. Objectively I know that God is in control and that He has a purpose and all, but my heart feels something different...and I think it's OK if we admit that.

Thank you for sharing your heart and in so doing allowing me to do the same. We are here for whatever you and your family may need. We will continue praying real hard and hoping for that miracle.

With Our Love,

Steve for the Gallies

Melissa said...

Don't worry cowgirl, the Texas will just have to keep comin' to you!!! :) You're lovely... keep being honest, real, and strong. We're so proud of you!!!

Barbie Roberts said...

Great Comments! I'm so glad to see them!

Isn't Clarissa amazing!! She left me speechless.

Love the photos.....they tell the whole story, don't they! And the matching shirts......Ya gotta love um! You guys are experiencing life as many people only dream of.

As are in my heart!

Anonymous said...

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Bob_and_Sue said...

Clarissa-- thanks for your update. I appreciate seeing this through younger eyes as I have two kids, ages 5 and 9 that are in the same boat as you -- Dad has ALS.
You seem wise beyond your years. Stay strong.
Bob O.