Dear Friends & Family,

I gripped my pillow tight and vowed to not let myself fall asleep. The room was dark and no one was stirring. I wanted to get up and get a glass of water but I was afraid to leave my pillow. My 5th grade training bra was tucked safely inside my pillow case and I intended for it to stay there all night. It was my next door neighbor Suzie’s slumber party and I couldn’t believe I was there. She was in 8th grade and I was only in 5th. She was so cool and so were all of her friends. I was just the awkward little girl from next door. Earlier that night, the girls made a plan that whoever fell asleep first would have their bra taken and put in the freezer for the night.There was no way those better endowed older girls were going to see my little starter bra. I tried my best to stay awake the entire night but at some point I fell asleep. I was relieved to wake up in the morning and find my bra still in my pillow, I think those older girls gave me some grace. I will never forget that night! Thanks Suzie for a great party, I really felt special to be there with your friends.

Curt & I both have happy memories of our childhood birthdays. We both remember always having a cake and some friends over. I remember having some really fun slumber parties. Without a doubt we were both made to feel special on our birthdays. Maybe that is why we are so excited about our kids birthdays. Each of them have had a party every year of their lives. Usually they have a party with friends, a party with family and a party at school. We have a birthday sign that has been around for years and it magically appears hanging from the ceiling when they wake up on their birthday. It is fun to devote a day (or more) to make them feel really special. Curt & I have always enjoyed helping them plan their different parties and celebrating their big day.

We also enjoy celebrating our friends birthdays. We are pretty good about remembering to send cards and/or gifts. We both love to shop for birthday gifts for our friends. Unlike Christmas, we have time to really think of something special that reflects their personality or something they will really enjoy. We have been celebrating birthdays with our high school friends for years, and always look forward to dinners and parties in their honor.

This past weekend we celebrated my 45th (ugh) birthday. It began with dinner at The Bottle Inn in Hermosa Beach with the kids, my parents and Curt’s mom. We sat in the wine cellar which is always fun. We searched for the most expensive wine, would you believe $1,800.00 for a bottle of wine? We stayed clear of that bottle! Friday was spent at Farmer’s Market and The Grove with my “Friday Friends.” We shopped and then had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. We got to see Extra being filmed and swooned over Mario Lopez a bit. Friday night we had a party here complete with The Taco Guy and non stop margaritas. It was fun celebrating my birthday with so many special friends. Thank you all for a great day! Saturday night Clarissa & Cayden attended their high school Formal Dance. They had a great time. It was fun to see them dressed up!

Please continue to pray as Curt continues to struggle with so many physical limitations. He is getting weaker by the day as ALS continues to destroy his body. He looks great as usual and his attitude is unbelievably positive! He is amazing!

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

The Bottle Inn - Wine Cellar

We have a tradition of placing all cell phones in the center of the table
until dinner is over, no talking, no texting. After dinner it is fun to see who
received the most missed calls and texts!

Lynn, Lori, Carolyn, Michelle, Julie, Me, Jaime, Lisa at my Birthday lunch!

The Gang

Jim & I have been celebrating our birthdays together for over 20 years!

A few of Curt's fans!

Clarissa & Tyler

Cayden & Krystal

Inside the Party Bus

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Barbie said...

Happy Birthday Miss Cindy!!!!!
I see you're surrounded by the coolest presents a girl can be given!