The Grapevine

Dear Friends & Family,

If you live and travel much in California, you have probably driven on The Grapevine. It is a mountainous stretch on Highway 5 which is a major route between Southern and Northern California. Curt & I have traveled the steep grade of The Grapevine too many times to count. The grade is about 22 miles long and has many areas to pull off for water or brake checks depending on if you are traveling up the grade (south) or down the grade (north). Many years ago, we were traveling south (up) in our first motorhome on a particularly hot day. On a normal day you would find a vehicle or two pulled to the side of the road because of overheating. On this day we were astonished to see vehicle after vehicle lining the side of the highway. Mile after mile the overheated, broken down cars sat, as their passengers stood in the unbearable heat. We didn’t have much concern for the stranded motorists as we motored along in our air conditioned motorhome, perfectly comfortable. We were about 1/3 of the way up the grade when our temperature gauge began rising. Curt turned off the air conditioning to relieve the strain on the engine. When that didn’t work we had to pull over. We sat along the highway and waited for the engine to cool, suffering in the extreme heat. It was then and there that we learned compassion for the stranded motorists. Now every time we travel The Grapevine we share thoughts of compassion and say a little prayer for the stranded motorists.

May is National ALS awareness month. We have been reading the stories of others who are also battling this terrible disease. We personally know what they are going through. As we read their stories we share thoughts of compassion and pray for them and their families. Here is a link to their stories on the MDA page; they are featuring a new person each day in May. Curt was featured on May 6th. MDA - Anyone's Life Story

Thank you for continuing to pray. Curt is at a rough spot physically right now. He can no longer get in and out of bed without major assistance. Last night Cayden had to literally pick Curt up and put him into bed. We are waiting for a home health visit to tell us what equipment we need to assist him. Curt also struggles to step in and out of the shower and some days his legs just won’t do it. We are trying to figure that one out too. Please pray that we can get through this without Curt getting too frustrated. It is more than any man should have to endure.

Watching him struggle is really hard for me. Trying to remain encouraging and supportive when all I want to do is cry takes a lot of work sometimes. Yesterday was a really tough morning. We struggled to get him up and ready for an hour and a half. His legs were not cooperating and there is only so much I can do to help him move. After finally getting him ready, he went to the kitchen to greet his mom and brother who were cooking breakfast and taking care of him for the day. Tired and defeated, I readied myself for work in our quiet bathroom. It was then that I had a “God moment.” You know those….when you feel like God is talking directly to you. I was sad and discouraged and the following song came on the iPod, randomly. I haven’t heard this song in a long time. It told me that I am not alone. The fact that they wrote a song about what I am going through means that many others have been or are going through this situation also. I was instantly encouraged and ready for the day! Please listen:

Cayden ended his volleyball season and Corbin his football season this past weekend. We enjoyed breakfast with the gang on Friday and then a group of us headed off to get pedicures! It was a little sad as Curt is no longer able to get into the regular pedicure chair. He really enjoyed that massage chair in the past. Luckily he was able to get his feet in the tub from the wheelchair and enjoy the pedi. Saturday, I celebrated with Colleen and a ton of her friends; the end of her breast cancer treatments. No more cancer! YAY! Thank you for all your prayers for The Beedy Family. Then it was off to the Coyle’s “Siete de Mayo” party. It was great to see all our friends and the spread of Mexican food was incredible. We also learned that Ray has a talent for neck/back massages. I am hiring him for Curt’s next pedicure; he can be the massage chair! Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day at Paradise Restaurant. Curt & I have the most amazing Moms; we are each so blessed by them! Back at home we cleaned the garage as a family. I love to have help cleaning, and this was my chance. The garage looks great, thanks family!

We thank you all for your kindness; meals, visits, haircuts, flowers, cards and prayers. You all mean so much to us and help to make this journey easier.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day at Paradise Restaurant

I love a clean garage! Thanks family!

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