Zest or Caress?

Dear Friends & Family,

When it comes to soap, Curt prefers Zest and I prefer Caress. So we buy both and kind of trade off between the two. This morning it was time to grab a new bar and as I opened the cabinet and looked at the two stacks, my mind began racing as I decided which one to choose. Normally, I would grab one or the other and not really think about it, but today, I knew it had to be Zest. Curt loves his showers and I want him to enjoy them completely right down to the soap. I wondered how many more showers he will get to take? Will we use the last three bars in the cabinet? Would I use the Zest without him, just to remember his smell? Amazing that all these thoughts took place in a matter of a few seconds. It's just another example of how all the little things are so big to us during this journey.

Saturday we were visited by a Home Health Nurse who informed us that Curt is now on Hospice. It was a shock to both of us, the word Hospice, and the way she talked about dying so matter of fact. We talk about dying between ourselves, but to hear it come from someone else made it sound so much scarier. Anyways, Curt is now receiving VIP treatment with home nurse visits once a week, home doctor visits once a month or as needed, a social worker, a chaplain, bath nurses, prescriptions, and more. Monday they delivered oxygen to help Curt feel better, and today a lift to get him into bed. We are impressed by the people who have been coming and going and their care and efficiency.

Curt's mom, Barbara, has been coming over most days and taking care of Curt. She cooks for him, feeds him and helps with getting him ready for the day. She is super nurturing and patient which is great for Curt right now. I am so glad that he is receiving the best care possible during the day. Thank you Barbara!

Curt remains upbeat and positive although he gets tired and frustrated while performing simple tasks like getting in and out of the restroom. We are doing all we can to make things easier and more accessible. Whether it is modifying clothes, adding safety rails where needed or insisting on him letting us help him more, we try to ease the burden when possible. The kids are still amazing. Clarissa feeds him often, Cayden lifts him into bed at night, and Corbin helps him change and get ready for bed. They are so sweet and loving and would do anything to make his life easier.

Although Curt tires easily these days, he still enjoys a full social calendar. Below are some photos of our week. Once again, thank you for praying and supporting our family. We love you all and couldn't do this easily without your prayers and encouragement.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Demetra, Martha, Leanne & I have been meeting for breakfast each month at Mimi's Cafe since our girls were all in middle school together. It seems like yesterday we were talking about them going into high school. Now they are each graduating and off to college.
 I cherish my friendship with each of you!

Curt, Corbin & I went to El Dorado Park Nature Center
 for a 2 mile walk around the lake on Friday after school.

These turtles were fun to watch!

Curt was challenged by the uneven and sometimes soft dirt trails.

We have enjoyed getting to know Russell and Kristina. Russell was diagnosed with ALS in October of 2008, about one year before Curt. It was great to have them over for dinner. Curt and Russell can relate to each other and what is happening to their bodies, while Kristina & I talk about being the wives and caregivers of ALS husbands. Their 5 year old son stayed home this time.

Clarissa's Senior Prom with her friend Conner

Emily with Curt & Clarissa
Corbin was invited to Lauryn's family birthday party!
Happy 11th Birthday Lauryn!

Cupcake Wars!
 Sunday, Rae Lynn's home made red velvet cupcakes went up against Lynn's which were purchased from Sprinkles. It was a fun afternoon of visiting, tasting and voting!

Rae Lynn & Lynn
And the winner is.......Rae Lynn!

Cupcakes & Beer....yum!

Rae Lynn is not the only talented one in the family. Bill's hobby is Bonzai trees. They are absolutely amazing. Curt & I enjoyed learning about and admiring all his trees. He is a true artist! 

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