Still Smiling

Dear Friends & Family,

The question I am most often asked, and the hardest for me to answer is, "How is Curt doing?" There are so many ways to answer, but none sound good. "A little worse each day. As well as can be expected. Hanging in there." I finally found something that sounds a little better, my new answer to that question is, "He is still smiling."

Honestly, it amazes me that he can smile and remain positive with all he is going through. His health continues to decline and there is hardly a thing he can do for himself anymore. He itches constantly and can't scratch, his eyes burn and he can't rub them, people hug him and he can't hug back. He lies in bed stiff as a board because he can't move a muscle, he struggles to speak and chokes on water. Yet through it all he remains patient and calm. He is an example to me and everyone around him. He has never waivered from his belief that there is a place in heaven waiting for him.

I requested prayer last week and didn't say for what. I actually had two requests and both were answered. One was for our friend Darren who was undergoing kidney transplant surgery that day, he is doing great (see photo). The other request was for relief of major physical pain I was having from lifting and maneuvering Curt. I had been keeping my pain a secret from Curt because I don't want him to feel bad or feel like a burden. I finally told him about my pain Wednesday night and since then it has subsided a bit and we have been closer. Thank you for the prayers and advice (Suzie). And Cousin Lynn, the Rosary bracelet is beautiful and so thoughtful!

Most of my thoughts gravitate to all we have to be thankful for; Curt's smile, answered prayers, family, faith, our home, love, great kids and great friends. Here's a glimpse of all that we are surrounded by and thankful for.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Wednesday Hike in Santa Anita Canyon
Paul, Carolyn & Lisa

Friday lunch at Huffs
Clarissa, Mom, Darrin, Bill,  Bernie, Jaime, Lori, Ray & Margie 

Friday Night

Darren is doing great after his kidney transplant!

Bill & Carolyn

Sunday Funday!

Thanks for bringing Monday night dinner Steve & Anne, all the way from Encino!
It was great catching up with you both! Give Samantha & Cassie our love!

Tuesday visit from Dean & Sylvia from Visalia. It was great to see you guys.
 Happy Birthday Dean-o!

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