Tom Lahey - The Mad Scientist

Dear Friends & Family,

This weekend we attended the funeral of Tom Lahey, aka, The Mad Scientist. He was the inventor of Lutimax, a nutraceutical that helped Curt very much with his speech for a time. Tom was a great guy and a friend to all. His products help people with ALS, Parkinson's, Autism, Asthma, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, and countless other diseases. But more than his product, HE helped people. He had a passion for healing, a Degree to back him and a heart full of compassion. He died unexpectedly and alone. The funeral was tough for us; to see someone who helped so many, a father, a husband and a friend....gone....just like that, at the age of 53. The only comfort I have is knowing that he lived his life for Christ and will surely be there to meet Curt in heaven. He was one super cool guy and they will have a blast together! We love you Tom!

The love that surrounds us these days is unmeasurable. I never like to be specific because I feel like I can never name every little thing that was done for us. But here is a glimpse of all we are blessed with since last Wednesday. Girls night "in" at Margie's, Guys night "in" here, Julie made ceramic impressions of Curt's hands so we can always remember his hand print and size, Mark fixed our outdoor lighting, Corbin had friends over for a play date, Cayden got a clean bill of health at the doctor, Clarissa had a weekend full of friends and fun, Corbin spent the night at his best friend Landon's house, lunch with the Drakes, Saturday breakfast delivered by the Gallie Family, Jeff drove us to San Juan Capistrano for Tom's funeral, The Hunters and Coyle's brought dinner and fun over Saturday night, George & Lou Bob fixed our CZ light and did some painting on the garage door frame, Mom and Dad stopped by for a bit and mom did a load of laundry for us, Monday night dinner from the Duvall Family (forgot to take a photo), yum!, a visit from former nurse Janet tonight. Wow! We are so THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for all our friends and all who care and all who are supporting our family through this time. We appreciate ALL of you.

And as always we appreciate your prayers.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Julie & Curt making ceramic hand impressions

I thought it would be nice to have a photo of Curt not in his wheelchair.
Thanks for bringing dinner Hunters and Coyles! 

The highlight of our night was getting Curt into position for the photo above!

Lou Bob and George, thanks for all your work around the house!
You both mean so much to Curt!

Cayden & Paige hanging out Sunday afternoon.

Papa & Corbin

Grandma & Clarissa have so much fun!

Jessica & Julie stopped by after their walk to say hi!

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