For Richer or Poorer

Dear Friends & Family,

During the planning of our wedding, Curt & I often joked about changing the line of our wedding vows from “For richer or poorer” to “For richer or richer”. Our 22 year-old minds were telling us that we would never be poor. We had boundless energy, determination and were committed to our goals of working hard, making time for fun and saving for the future. We also knew that our lives would always be rich, whatever our financial state. Being rich or poor is a state of mind.

Now, more than ever, we are experiencing richness beyond belief. When facing death, life becomes more real. While some people with a terminal disease may choose to give up on life and shut down; Curt has chosen to make the most of it. The words “poor me” are not in his or our vocabulary. Living while dying is not fun or easy; but it is rewarding. The clarity of the love between the kids and us is something we would not take time to notice or dwell on if we were living our normal life. Our world seems to stand still when Curt is telling stories of his past, giving advice or talking about how something around the house works. We are all like vacuums, sucking in his knowledge, his memories, his actions, his smell. This gift of time allows us to mourn in slow motion. Each day we mourn the loss of a physical function, an emotional connection and one less day Curt will be on this earth with us.

In the end, we left the vows alone and our wedding ceremony included the words “For richer or poorer.” We knew all along, no matter the amount of our income, we would always enjoy a rich life together.

Please continue to pray for our family. We are slowing down, enjoying our time together and taking one day at a time. The kids are sticking close to home; we are having more family meals and less activities. Curt is tired and wears out easily. We are thankful for our comfortable home where Curt can rest quietly or sit in the sun or visit a bit with neighbors stopping by. We are thankful for our Moms who help care for Curt during the day, friends that help get him in and out of bed, and more friends that help fix things around the house and all the meals that are brought to us. We could never do it all alone. Thank you, thank you.


Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Corbin's Drama Performance

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