The Ultimate Friend

Dear Friends & Family,

Curt has a lot of friends. Many people notice this fact and compliment him on it. I have been thinking about how and why Curt has so many friends. Here are a few of his attributes:

He listens more than he talks.
When he says he will be there, he shows up.
If you drop something he picks it up.
If you break something he helps you fix it.
He notices tires that are about to go flat and warns people.
He is ALWAYS cheerful.
He says “hi” to everyone.
He offers personal advice only when asked for it.
He is generous.
He doesn’t keep score.
He remembers names.
He is always fair.
He notices friends collections and when he sees something they may like, he buys it for them.
He takes time to teach what he knows if you want to learn.
He is always encouraging.
He takes time to notice things; new earrings, new haircut, a new flower blooming, etc.
He offers practical knowledge.
He doesn’t gossip or talk bad about others.
He doesn’t lie, cheat or steal.
He remembers friends favorite drinks, desserts, etc and always has them on hand.
He never judges anyone on their stance in life.
He works hard whether or not anyone is noticing. 
When he talks to you, he looks you in the eye.
He doesn’t expect you to agree with him.
He is not jealous.
He is loyal to his friends.
He rarely complains.
He takes time to talk to children.
He takes time to talk to elders.
He takes time to greet strangers.

To have friends, you have to be a friend. I think many of you will agree, Curt is the ultimate friend!

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Saturday Night - hanging out at the Wards!
Thanks for having us, Bill & Rae Lynn, we had a great time!
Lori, Al, Cristina, Bill, Larry, Bernie & Rae Lynn

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Melissa said...

Amen! Curt is awesome! I also read each and every one of those attributes with you in mind, Cindy, and each one perfectly describes you too (except for the tires thing)!!! Another on your list, "Too darn humble to realize that you are a big deal too!"