Dear Friends & Family,

Imagine a relationship without jealousy, a life without fear and decisions that are not doubted. Trust in your spouse trumps jealousy, trust in yourself trumps fear and trust in your decisions trumps doubts. Knowing from the bottom of your heart that God is in control, allows complete trust that everything is meant to be. When you have complete trust, you have a peaceful life.

People compliment me all the time on how well I am handling our situation. Although it may look like that on the outside; inside it is a constant war. My mind, my heart, my emotions and my spirit battle. On one hand I know I need to trust that God has a plan for our family and this will somehow all work out. On the other hand, I am scared of facing a future without Curt. I tell myself over and over to just trust, believe and have faith. Sometimes it’s hard.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

It's always fun when Mark & Kelli & Mike visit!

Happy Graduation Jessica!
Cal Sate Fullerton

Cayden & Paige ready for Prom

Clarissa spent the weekend at The Colorado River with Grandpa & Grandma & Lindsey!
Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad (again)!
at the office today!

The employees at American City Pest have been so supportive of Curt. Many dropping by to visit, sending notes or emails of encouragement. Just wanted to recognize all the special employees we have and how thankful we are for them.
Photo taken: October 2010

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Andrea Fowler said...

Thank you for continuing to share your stories with us. I continue to pray for you all daily. I enjoy seeing the photos you post because you always have smile on your faces and find happiness through it all. God bless you!