Our Children

Dear Friends & Family,

From their first smile, to their first steps, to their first words; watching children grow is a rewarding experience.  It goes on to their first day of school, sports, music, art and then jobs and college. Guiding them as they grow and make decisions is scary yet rewarding. It is especially great when they make good decisions and choices. The hardest part is standing back as they grow and giving them room to make mistakes and learn from their decisions.  We are super proud of our kids! With the journey we are on, they could have chosen to "check out" of their schooling, sports, jobs, etc.  Instead they have continued to do their best at everything and have rarely pulled the "my Dad is dying" card.

This past Sunday was Mother's Day. Clarissa wrote me the following letter:

I sat down multiple times to write you a Mother's Day note/card, but...how do I put into words everything you are? I read the blog each week and wonder how you put everything into words and make it sound almost pretty. There are not enough words to describe you! How can you be so loving, giving, caring, selfless, helpful, patient, down to earth, happy, funny all at once through all of this? Someone needs to write a book about you so more people can learn to be more like you. You are such an example to me and everyone who knows you.

I know we put you through the ringer sometimes (me & the boys), thank you for letting us show you we can be trusted and for trusting us even after we have made mistakes. I am so thankful for everything you do for us and all the privileges we have. I am so incredibly lucky to have a Mother as awesome as you! I love you so much, no matter what, always & forever. 
Love, Clarissa (19)

Not only does Clarissa write amazingly, she is super intuitive and smart. She is my "go to" person about feelings and dilemmas. She knows how to get things done and works best when she is busy. I rely on her more than I should at times, but she always comes through for me. She is an angel that knows where and when to have fun and her smile brightens our days!

On Mother's Day, Cayden (17) was up in time to help get Curt out of bed and ready for church. He situated him in his wheelchair for the drive to church. He is always ready and willing to "manhandle" Curt to make him more comfortable. He drives our family like a pro and lets people know Curt's needs. Whether it is a Doctor, nurse, waitress or friend, Cayden always speaks up for Curt. He fixes things around the house and always lends a hand where needed. He is stronger than most his age and can figure out anything electronic, mechanical or technical. He is Curt, through and through. His passion for getting things done, his ability to speak to anyone and his heart for those he loves makes us so proud.

Although he is only 12, Corbin is wise beyond his years. He has figured out every angle in life. He knows compliments will get him places, studying will ease his schoolwork and a little bit of effort will go a long way. Like his brother, he has the gift of communication; he can talk to anyone. He orders flowers, pizza, fruit arrangements to be delivered complete with my credit card number. He can find a store clerk to locate items and order products over the Internet with no help. He is thoughtful and considerate, especially for those who need it most. His heart is pure. We are so proud of him and all he brings to our family.

Curt and I have always been proud of our kids. We think they are each special in their own way and couldn't imagine life without them. Their true character shows, now, in this most awful time of our lives. They are strong, compassionate, loving and patient. They are amazing children and we are so blessed!

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Corbin was so excited to buy a 5LB Hershey Bar for Landon (and Delaney) in Hershey.
He couldn't wait to deliver it to his best friend!
The Schultze Family - Kenny, Cheryl, Haley, Kelsey, Landon and Delaney have made Corbin so welcome in their family. He loves visiting their house and they make him feel a part of their family We are thankful Corbin has a place to go where he can have a sense of normalcy with an awesome loving family! Thank you Schultzes!

Mark, Jim, Curt (Larry, Debbie, Kelli, Jessica-not pictured) Friday night dinner, thanks!

My mom & I went to lunch and got pedi's Saturday for Mother's Day!
Have I mentioned that I have the best Mother on earth? Love you Mom!

Curt & his Mom at lunch on Saturday.
He loves his Mom with all his heart!

Mark taught Corbin how to mow a lawn! Awesome!

It takes a lot of effort to get up and out the door in time for church. Curt and I have really been wanting to go lately....we finally made it this Sunday as a family. We were rewarded with a great message (as usual) and my favorite guest singer James Brown!

First Baptist Church of Lakewood on Mother's Day

Mother's Day garage cleaning time! Yay! I love a clean garage!
We also washed 4 cars and did 3 loads of laundry! All in less than 3 hours. What a great family!

Saturday night a commercial came on TV for Frosted Mini Wheats. I mentioned to Corbin that its been awhile since we have had those and they sounded good.
The next day he went for a bike ride (to Target) and came home with Mini Wheats and a card.
 He said he wanted to make Mother's Day extra special!

Monday Night at Ferraro's Italian Restaurant for my Dad's Birthday.
Happy Birthday Dad!

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