Before He Was Tan

Dear Friends & Family,

The other day Corbin told me that he doesn't remember Daddy before he was tan (sick). I asked him if he remembered Daddy teaching him to ride his motorcycle, wakeboard or tucking him in bed at night. He said he doesn't remember anything; the way he walked, talked or rode a bike. I have to agree that there are many things I don't remember also; his voice, his mannerisms and his energy.

Corbin and I continued to talk about how our lives have changed. No more weekend trips, not as many play dates, not being able to plan trips this summer and how we have to spend most of our days at home now. Corbin then turned the conversation around and said that we are all getting good rest, we have many friends that come to see us, we have a nice home and pool to enjoy and we can relax more. Corbin never ceases to amaze me. We are thankful for his positive attitude and his ability to show everyone the bright side.

Luckily we have tons of photos and some video of Curt. Since I have no new pictures for tonight's post, it is the perfect night to take a stroll down memory lane with photos!

Meanwhile, please pray for each of us. Things have never been more difficult (I think I keep saying that), but really, it is tough to see Curt battle this horrible disease. We can barely understand Curt's words and it breaks our hearts. We are all having difficulties dealing with what is happening to Curt and have been leaning on each other a lot. We are sad, lonely, defeated and exhausted from this journey.  Thank you for your prayers.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin


lizo said...

Hi Cindy,
Love all the photos, it truly shows you all living life to the fullest. What wonderful memories, and it is a good reminder for me to keep taking pictures, and writing that blog. The blog is finished with the design, and I will begin posting soon. You have so inspired me Cindy, and this week I have been thinking and praying for you so much. Your son Corbin is a gem of a boy, so sweet. Your kids have had the most father, and they still do! Curt is so brave, and courageous in every sense of the word. And you are such an example to them, how you have honored and loved Curt through sickness and in health. What a legacy Curt's life with you will leave for those beautiful kids of yours. This is love, lived out through such a trial as this. So glad I can follow you, pray for you, and lift you up daily. Praying that Curt will not suffer any longer than the Lord has willed, and that he will have mercy on his body, and answer every pray of yours. Praying always, Liz Ortelle

Hope Community Garden said...

Cindy, we have a mutual friend, Melissa Pond. She told me about Curt when I told our mothers group about my neighbor with ALS. I have been following your story ever since, and when I read this, I was first struck by what a good life Curt looks to have had in the photos, and secondly I ached for you all. I will continue to pray "Texas sized" prayers over your family, and just hope you find those little bread crumbs of inspiration to keep your spirits up. I wish there was something I could say or do, but since there is not, please know that I send vibes of peace and strength to you all. Best, Sundey