Dear Family & Friends,

It is crazy that we can wake up and go throughout our day seemingly so normal.
It is crazy that random strangers reach out and want to help Curt and our family.
It is crazy how many people park in handicap spaces that don't look like they need it.
It is crazy how Curt can still smile every day.
It is crazy how much our family laughs together every day.
It is crazy that the kids have maintained their 3.5 and above GPA's since Curt was diagnosed.
It is crazy how certain people give and give so selflessly.
It is crazy how a mosquito landed on Curt's nose and stayed there until we could figure out why he was yelling.
It is crazy how much weight Curt has lost and how much easier it is to lift him and maneuver him.
It is crazy that people stop by with food, flowers and hugs; so many caring people.
It is crazy how many people read this blog each week.
It is crazy how my love for Curt gets deeper each day.
It is crazy how we can live as if he is not dying.'s not crazy. It is a gift.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Happy 18th Birthday Cousin/Nephew Jonathon!

At home with The Guys!

Hanging out with our great friends!

Corbin is off to church camp!


Carol Scheevel said...

Hi Cindy and Curt! I love this blog post...... it sums up the highs and lows of daily life for so many and reminds me that no matter what we are going through, we MUST hand on tightly to Jesus, and press further and further into Him! With laughter and tears, in joy and in sorrow, I send you my love and prayers! Love, Carol

Celia said...

Hay Honey,
I think this is the best blog yet! It IS crazy when you think about the emotions and pain on one hand and the laughter and smiles on the other. Sometimes it is hard to explain to others just how up and down emotions can come together at the same time and you did it in this blog.

Thanks Curt, Cindy, Clarissa, Cayden and Corbin for helping and guiding us through this journey with you.