30 Years

Dear Friends & Family,

This year marks the 30th Olympic Summer Games, and it is also the 30th year of The Curt & Cindy Story. August 4, 1982 was our first kiss and the beginning of our life together. Unlike the Olympic athletes, we didn't have to train hard, jump over hurdles or battle rough water to get to where we are. With Curt's easy-going attitude and my ability to organize and plan, things have been pretty easy for us. We never longed for fame or medals but dedicated our lives to each other and lifted the other up when needed. It has not been a relationship of endurance but rather a long gingerly stroll along side one another. Now more than ever he is my hero. He battles each day just to get through the day and I am his biggest cheerleader, beside him all the way. Thank you for your continuing prayers for his comfort.

Curt's days are pretty mellow and sometimes lonely. If you get a chance send him a text of a simple hello, a thought or a joke (make sure to include your name). (310) 994-7747. Thanks!

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Taking Curt for a ride in my new car!

I got to go flying again! Thanks Mike (and pilot Jeff)!

Flowers and chocolates from Curt to celebrate our 30 year dating anniversary!
He wrote the note on the box for me (with a little help from Clarissa)!

And some Opus One wine (thanks Ed & Julie), so delicious!!
I love you Curtis Mitchell!

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