Dear Family & Friends,

Wow! Borrowing that word from Pastor Brent, it pretty much sums up the past 11 days since Curt passed away. Curt is gone, wow, even though it was expected, it is still a shock. Over 600 friends and family gathered to honor Curt at his memorial service, wow. Today, I picked up his remains from the mortuary, whoa.

As soon as this roller coaster slows down, I plan to share a bit more. So many memories are flooding my mind, it is overwhelming.

Meanwhile, here are a few photos (more to come) and a big thank you from the kids and me, for your support and prayers.



Erik said...

The Ziemke family has been a huge inspiration for me. I have learned a great deal about family and extended family from you that I will use use in my own life. Thanks Team CZ! Looking forward
with ya'll!

Carol Scheevel said...

Thank you for posting some of the details about Curt's remembrance service. I thought about you guys all day, knowing it must have been an amazing service. Praying for you daily as you adjust to a whole new way of doing life,even when it's a life you didn't choose for yourself. I can attest to the fact that God is still there and still holds you in the palm of his hand! Love you guys so much!

Kayden Stockwell said...

The service was very beautiful and definitely fitting of a man who loved his family and life so much.

peppermtz said...

Wow...Whoa is right. You all looked beautiful! (Sorry boys. Yes, I just called you beautiful.) I'm still praying for you all and will be for a long time. <3