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Dear Friends & Family,

The journey our family endured would have been pointless if it does not help others. Curt was all about doing what he could for people both when he was healthy AND when he was sick. After he passed, in lieu of flowers, we chose to have people donate to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, The American Motorcyclist Association  or to CZ Cares (to help other families with ALS). Curt was very much a part of choosing these alternatives. Our friends and family donated $2,300 to CZ Cares.

Throughout our journey I have met, corresponded and talked to many people affected by ALS. Their stories are each unique and filled with strength, courage and heroism. One family I have come to love is the Evert Family from Loveland, Colorado. Dan Evert was diagnosed with ALS in May of 2010 at the age of 45. He has been married to Janelle for 21 years and has a daughter Leslie (15) and a son Devon (11). They lived and met in Oakhurst, CA, the birthplace of The Pizza Factory (my favoite pizza place and theirs too!), before moving to Loveland.  Dan was recently forced to retire from the Embassy Suites Hotel as Chief Engineer. He was dedicated to his 8-12 hour a day job which required him to walk 2-6 miles around the property. His boss bought him a scooter when he began having difficulty walking. He also had problems working with tools, climbing ladders and lifting. They are currently in the process of remodeling their home to make it more accessible for Dan.

In May, Dan and Janelle will be traveling to Washington DC to be part of the ALSA advocacy conference and summit to help try and get more research funding from the government to continue to try and find a cure for this disease. They will be carrying Curt's photo with them. They are also thinking about planning a road trip with the kids to see Mt. Rushmore this summer.

After hearing about all they are doing; their house, their advocacy and a proposed family vacation, I knew Curt would want to help them as much as I do. So I added to the CZ Cares fund and sent The Evert Family a check for $3,000 to help make their life a bit easier and assure them that they can take that family vacation! Thanks to all of you who donated to CZ Cares!

Please join me in praying for this special family. They are truly good, hard working and fun loving people. If you would like to offer support or words of encouragement to Dan or the family, their email address is:


The Evert Family
October 2010

June 2012

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Melissa said...

One day at a time... God bless them!