The Gym

Dear Family & Friends,

There I was in a little room off the main gym, listening to Anni pray for Curt & our family in her native Korean language. The room was small, just enough space for a massage table and a few chairs at the end of the table. There was a small lamp in the corner which gave off a warm glow. The floors, walls and ceiling were all made of natural wood, which gave the feeling of being in a cabin. It felt like I was somewhere else, not at my regular gym in Lakewood, California. Anni, Sam, another woman (I forgot her name), and I sat in a circle on plastic chairs and Anni on a wooden bench, the type you see on a front porch.

Although I had been attending this gym for over a year sporadically, since January, I had been visiting more often. It helps me deal with our situation. This particular week I had been there 3 days in a row. Julie, the gym manager, had been noticing a difference in my behavior and took me aside to ask me what was going on. I had previously vowed I would not say anything about Curt at the gym. I liked the anonymity of being "just Cindy". Nobody knew my story or what my family was facing. There were no stares or whispers or people that didn't know what to say. There was no pity or sadness. I liked it like that, it made me feel healthy and alive. The gym was my escape, and I needed an escape.

Anyways, Julie began asking questions. Me being the honest, open book person that I am, it all came out. The story of Curt & Cindy, the fairy tale life we have and the sad ending that is about to occur. Julie offered support in her sweet, kind way. She invited me to a Saturday prayer group and Sunday church service that they held at the gym after closing time. She said it was a Christian service spoken in Korean but translated into English. I thanked her for the offer and left.

Two days later when I returned to work out on a Saturday, I had forgotten about the prayer service. After my workout, Julie introduced me to Anni, who's son Jun owned the gym. She asked me into this little room, where my story began.

Anni was a woman of about 50 years old with the most beautiful skin. Her casual clothes were simple yet stylish. Her eyes omitted love and concern and her voice was gentle yet confident. Once inside the room she asked me about Curt, his condition, and our family. She asked if she could pray with me. She prayed in Korean, while Sam translated. When she was finished, she opened her Holy Bible, which was Korean and shared stories of Abraham, Moses and Jesus. I hung on every word. Although I had heard the same stories many times, Anni spoke with passion and conviction. She was such a Godly woman. At the end of the stories, she prayed again. I know many people are praying for Curt, but I was pretty sure this was the first Korean prayer that had gone up to God. I knew that he was listening to Anni that day. God was with us in that room that day, I felt him. I felt he sent Anni to me. I felt stronger than any workout. I felt God.


Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

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