Surviving the Tough Days

Dear Friends & Family,

Be still and know that I am God.....I must have repeated that to myself over 1,000 times last Tuesday and Wednesday. I couldn't stop crying (except when the kids were around), couldn't breathe, had chest pains and couldn't eat. I just kept saying those words over and over, trying to gain control and breathe. Meanwhile, Curt was physically frustrated, sad and quiet. We had both hit an all time emotional low and we could not snap out of it. I guess you probably figured that out by my email last week. Thank you for the prayers and all the concern, we were doing much better by Wednesday night. Thank you Carolyn for the flowers, Lori for the "Breathe" candle, and Paul for getting the motorhome and trailer washed for Curt, he was stressing about how he was going to get that done. Thank you to those who sent prayers and for all the calls and cards. Thank you for checking on us, thank you for helping us get through those tough days.

The rest of the week went better. I had fun with my Friday Friends shopping and lunching in downtown Los Angeles. Curt spent time with his brother cleaning motorcycles and having lunch. Cayden celebrated his 15th Birthday with his friends at our house on Friday night. Sunday, we had lots of fun at our Super Bowl Party hosted by the Melanson's with over 40 friends! What a difference in our emotional state from Wednesday to Sunday. Talk about highs and lows. We really do best when we are busy and with friends. We thank God for each of you. You are all so special and help us in so many ways!

The kids are all doing well. They have been busy with school, sports and friends. Clarissa is playing volleyball and we will spend this weekend in Las Vegas watching her play Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Curt & I really enjoy watching her play and seeing her interact with her friends on the team. Cayden made the high school volleyball team and games will begin soon. Corbin is playing flag football on Friday nights. They all love to have friends over. It is normal to always have an extra person at our dinner table, which we love! We have not let Curt's illness be an excuse to limit their activities. Even though it is harder to go places, take them places and entertain friends, we are going to keep life as normal as possible as long as we can. We love our kids and our crazy life!

Thank you all for being part of our lives, for praying for us and our kids, and for just being there! We could not ask for more.......


Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

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