The Story of Curt & Cindy, Chapter 2

Dear Friends & Family,

That first kiss on a warm summer night on August 4, 1982, was the beginning of a relationship that continues today. We spent that summer hanging out like teenagers do. Curt was working at the Union 76 Gas Station around the corner from my house. I made a lot of trips to get gas in those day. It was back when the employees stood out by the gas pumps. He would take your credit card and after running it through the manual imprinter, he would hand you this mini clipboard with the card placed in a slot so you could sign the receipt. I was so impressed with his customer service skills and how everyone knew him by name. Even though I went to self serve he would always pump my gas and wash my windows (and he still does today!). He worked in the evenings so that left our days free for the beach.

Hermosa Beach, 2nd Street, was where all the kids from West High hung out. Curt would go with his group of friends and I would go with my group, we would all meet there and stay until the late afternoon. At lunchtime we would all walk to Mickey's Liquor. The guys would get big deli sandwiches; Curt's favorites were meatball or salami & cheese. I would get a bag of Funyuns and an Orange Crush. When we were not at the beach or work (I worked at F & H Nuts and Candies in The Old Town Mall, and then later at Baskin Robbins on Torrance Blvd.), we would hang out at my house. Curt was not allowed inside when my parents weren't home, so most of the summer was spent on our front porch. Curt always came over drinking a Big Gulp from 7-11. Sometimes we would go to the park across the street from my parents house and swing on the swings or sit in the shade under the trees.

Many weekends throughout the summer, my parents let me invite friends to their vacation home at Lake Nacimiento. We would go as a group, the girls would sleep in the house and the guys would sleep in a huge room above the garage. My mom would wake us up early and we would all go water skiing while the lake was calm. She would drive the jet boat and she taught everyone to ski. She then taught Curt to drive the boat so he could pull her skiing. My dad was happy to let Curt do the driving, as he had chores to do around the property. I don't remember shopping, planning or buying food for these weekend trips, I guess my mom did it all. Wow, thanks mom & dad, you guys were so awesome to have us all there!

Our Junior & Senior years were full of all the typical high school activities. We attended all the football games, dances, proms and parties. We went to lunch together everyday, usually with a group of friends. We enjoyed Perry's Pizza at Del Amo Mall, Taco Bell in Redondo Beach, Del Taco on Del Amo or Steve's Char-broiler. One time we were having lunch at Del Taco and Curt was fiddling with a packet of hot sauce. Back then the hot sauce was in little trays with a cover you would pull back so you could dip into it. Anyways, as he was fiddling the packet suddenly split open and squirted all over my white sweater. I mean all over it. There was no time to go home and change, so I grabbed Curt's jacket and ran for class. I remember sitting in short-hand, sweating and smelling like hot sauce. I was so embarrassed and nervous that someone would notice, it seemed that the clock was barely moving. I made it through and to this day whenever Curt is fiddling with a packet of hot sauce or ketchup, I gently remove it from his hand. The memory comes back and we both smile!

Much of our high school years were spent surrounded by friends. It seemed we never did anything alone. We would cruise the beach, enjoy the Spring Car Races at Ascot or go to parties. Always with a group of friends. George, Steve-O, Ray, Jim, Darrin and Michelle, along with many others are still special friends to this day. We have many memories that we all cherish from those days.

Curt & I graduated West High School together in 1984. I decided to attend college in Texas. Leaving my parents, my friends, my home, and most of all, my Curt was very emotional. Curt gave me a teddy bear and a ring the night before I left. We hugged and cried and were nervous about the future. We decided to break up in order to date other people. The morning I left for Texas, he stood in my driveway, waving until I could no longer see him....... be continued


Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

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