Cayden's Letter to Uncle Bill

Dear Friends & Family,

Wow, I didn't realize until yesterday, when I was compiling all the Updates into one file, that I had written 41 of them. It seems like only yesterday (it was actually November 2009) that I had to break the sad news about Curt to everyone. Since then our Update email list has grown to over 160 addresses and I have heard that many people forward them to their friends and family as well. We appreciate everyone that is praying and are honored that you take time from your busy lives to think of Curt & our family. Many of you have told me that you print & save each of the updates. Some of you are new to the update list. Therefore, I have attached a PDF of all the updates. It is 41 pages long. It is arranged by date from oldest to newest. I have also attached "Curt & Cindy's Story, Chapters 1-3." Some people said they had to search through old emails to see where the story had left off in order to piece it with the new chapter. Anyways, it is all attached, do with it what you may.

As far as an update this week, I am sad to say, that Curt's walking is progressively getting worse. I know I have been saying that for months, but we are at the point where he only walks as much as he has to. He stays in the car while picking up Corbin from school, runs very few errands where lots of walking is involved, and parks as close to destinations as he can. He is really struggling and it is really obvious. Watching him struggle makes us all sad. We try to help, but there is only so much we can do. The kids have been so sweet and thoughtful, jumping in to offer help often.

We are looking forward to spending Memorial Day Weekend at Lake Nacimiento. We have a group of friends going, as well as my parents, and friends of the kids. Hopefully the change in scenery will give me a break from our overwhelming schedules and household chores.

I have spent countless hours getting Curt set up on Social Security and Medicare this past week. Hopefully after I drop all the documents off tomorrow, that will be done and he will be accepted. This should help with any medical bills outside our regular coverage. Tomorrow afternoon, Curt has an appointment to get fitted for a walker. Please pray for him, it will be a big step for him to begin using a walker. He is such a manly-man, and walkers are not very manly. We will see how this transition works out. So far he has handled everything with such dignity. He amazes me each day!

Speaking of amazing.....Cayden wrote a letter to Uncle Bill, Curt's brother, who lives in Lake Forest about 30 minutes from here. Bill is a super-great guy and this letter Cayden wrote will give you some examples. I asked both of them if I could share it in today's update and lucky for us all, they both agreed.....

Dear Bill Ziemke, May 24, 2010

First of all I'm not a formal writer but I will try my best!

Thank you, for being the amazing uncle that you are. I have grown up watching you and you have never let me down. You lead by example, you walk the right path. I am so lucky to have grown up with an uncle I can watch and want to be like. You are a perfect example of what a man should be, you are a gentle man, you are extremely caring and always want to put others before you. As I have grown I have seen that in you and I've always been impressed on how much you will do for others with no personal gain to your self. I think watching you has helped me grow into the young man that I am.

I am so lucky to have role models in my life like you and my dad. You two are the definition of men. The way you care for others, I have watched you guys over the years and you have always put others first. You are not selfish, whether it is letting someone go before you through the door or driving all over town helping move houses. You always do the right thing. I see the way you love my dad, and my family, and your mom, and Sharon and the way you love me and its crazy how much you do. You care so much about us and it is obvious how much you do, I know you would do anything for anyone of us.

I wanted to thank you for always being there for me and trying to teach me the right way. All the things you tell me I do listen to because I know you are a good man and you are trying to teach me the right way. Things you have told me in the past years I remember and I try to apply them to my life. You are a Strong Christian man and I know I can always look for you for advice or help. I also wanted to thank you for the way you treat my dad. I can see how much you love him and care for him. It amazes me the things you will do for him. I know this time is hard for everyone but thank you for being strong and for helping my dad. He loves you so much and you are a great older brother. I hope that one day I can be the same brother to Corbin. Your example in my life has shown me how to be a good brother. I hope that I can be a good influence on my brother like the influence that you and my dad are on me.

When I grow up if I'm just half the man that you and my dad are I will be so lucky. I hope that I can grow to be just like you guys. Thank you again for all that you do for us, thank you for taking care of my dad. I try my best to take as good care of him as I can. I love you so much Uncle Bill.

Love, Cayden Ziemke

We are blessed to have Uncle Bill in our lives. Thank you Bill for all you do for us. Thank you to everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers.


Cindy, Curt, Clarissa (17), Cayden (15) & Corbin (10)

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