The Story of Curt & Cindy, Chapter 3

Dear Friends & Family,

As I was driving off to college in Texas, girls were lining up at Curt's door, ready to go out with the guy who had been off the market for the last two years. It was August of 1984 and we had agreed to date others while I was away. Curt has never told me too much about what went on while I was gone, but I know for sure that he was busy with friends both male and female. Although I was having a great time at Jacksonville Baptist College, a small two year college with 200 students in a town of 12,000 people, I missed my parents and Curt. I was privileged to be able to fly home once a month for weekend visits. Curt & I always spent those weekends together catching up on what we missed.

When I came home for the summer we spent time at Lake Nacimiento and the beach, like we had never been apart. When it was time to go back to Texas in August, Curt drove me. We felt very mature being able to drive that far, stay in hotels and make our own travel plans. We visited Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico and other small attractions along the way. Looking back now I am amazed at the trust my parents put in us. When we got to Jacksonville, Curt helped me move my belongings into my dorm room and then we spent time visiting with Texas friends. I had babysat the previous school year for the Banks Family who lived in town. Michael and Rose Mary Banks had three children; Michele, Melissa & John. I was anxious for Curt to meet the family that was so special to me. I was happy when everyone boned and we began creating memories which continues today. I had fun showing Curt the sights of Jacksonville; the lake, the old cemetery, the rival college and the Rose Gardens located 30 miles away in Tyler. Jacksonville was located in a dry county (no alcohol sold), but it wasn't far to the county line where Curt enjoyed purchasing beer since the drinking age was 18. I was not allowed to drink alcohol on or off campus, so I watched him enjoy a few beers, far away from the college. After purchasing his first pair of cowboy boots, we said our goodbyes at the airport and he flew home.

I graduated from college in May of 1986 with my Associate of Science Degree and returned to California. A part of me wanted to continue my education in Texas and become a teacher there. I absolutely loved Texas and the people there. I knew if I made that decision, my relationship with Curt would be over, and I would miss my parents tremendously. After much thought, I decided to continue my education in California. Curt had been working for my parents at American City Pest Control since high school graduation and was really enjoying his job.

In August of 1986, Curt & I had been out with friends celebrating a birthday at Black Angus in Torrance. Driving home in his 1981 black Chevy Step-side truck, with music blaring and us laughing, Curt suddenly blurted out; "Would you marry me?" I said "yes!" The next morning Curt called and asked me if I remembered what he had asked me last night. I said "yes?" He came over to my house and we went across the street to the park to talk. We sat at Entradero Park on the bench swing and talked about our future. Before college, we were not sure that we were meant for each other. After dating others while we were apart, we knew that we had something special. We planned our future on that bench swing and decided we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

At the time of our engagement we had been together for four years. Curt knew since the beginning of our relationship that I wanted to save myself for marriage and he never once, in four years, pressured me to go against my desire. He was an honorable man back then and still is today. We set the date for our wedding for June 4, 1988..... be continued

We hope you are enjoying reading Our Story. It has been fun re-living and sharing memories from the past.

An update on Curt. He says (and I can see) each day is getting harder physically. Walking is really tough, he drags a leg and people really notice now that he is having trouble. Strangers are beginning to see him struggle and are holding doors open for him. He cannot walk very far and has to sit down often. He knows he will not be walking much longer. I am checking in to Medicare and equipment for the house. He has a hard time getting out of bed, so we need something to help with that. Also shower rails and such. We will also be needing some type of wheelchair or electric scooter soon. This is very hard to accept for both of us, but we have no choice. As I am researching I just try to keep it in my mind as a task in order not to get too emotional.

Corbin & I had a great time in Sacramento and San Francisco last week for his 4th grade field trip. There is a moment fro the trip I want to share; to show you where his mind is. We ended the Alcatraz Tour and were walking down the hill towards the boat. He asked me something about our weekend plans at home. I asked him if he was ready to get home and he said no. I asked if he missed Sissy (Clarissa) and Bubby (Cayden). He said he missed Sissy but not Bubby. I said "Why not Bubby? He has been so nice to you lately, helping you with projects and teaching you things in the garage?" Corbin answered, "Mom, he is only being nice because Daddy is dying and Cayden wants to help keep our family happy for the next year or two until Daddy dies." He looked up at me and began crying, we stepped off the trail and hugged and cried for about 30 seconds until suddenly Corbin looked up at me and said "OK, that's enough, let's go." He dried his tears and my tears and we continued on our way. I said "That wasn't much time for crying, I didn't even get all my tears out." He said, "We can't just cry all the time."

Clarissa enjoyed Prom this past weekend. She looked beautiful and I wondered as I do on many special occasions, if Curt will get to see her next year. Cayden was busy filming a project for school and Clarissa's last volleyball tournament on Sunday.

Our great friends, Colleen & Jim Beedy, had bracelets made that say "Praying For Curt". They are Curt's favorite color - blue. If you would like one, ask me next time you see me, I have them in my car. If you are out of town, send me an email and I will send you one or how ever many you need. Thank you Beedy Family, what a thoughtful gift!

As I say often, thank you for praying! Thank you for being there for us. Thank you for the kind notes, meals, and phone calls.

We love you all!

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

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