The Fall

This is Steve Gallie and Cindy has asked me to post this update on her behalf.  Curt took a fall last night, and although he will recover from his injuries, it brought home for the entire family the harsh reality of this disease.  They are all really struggling right now, so let's make sure to keep them in our prayers.  Cindy felt that given the circumstances, as an update, it would suffice to post the email exchange that her and I had last night concerning Curt's fall.

Hi Steve,

I am debating on doing an update tonight. Just as I was about to sit down and begin writing, Curt fell down the front porch. He hit the concrete full force with his face. He skinned up his lip and chin and chipped his front tooth. We have both been crying most of the night. I am not sure what I was going to write will come out now. I may wait until tomorrow when our spirits are better. Anyways, for some reason he is embarrassed that he fell and did this to his face. Mainly we are both sad that this disease is destroying our lives day by day. Thanks for listening.



I feel like crying, too. I am so sorry. I am here to listen anytime...anywhere. I mean that.

I am a pretty emotional guy, but I've noticed something interesting about how I've responded to Curt's illness. I haven't internalized it for some reason. I know myself well enough to recognize that I've been in denial. In other words, I think I've repressed the reality of it all. It's such a horrible disease that is inflicting such a wonderful family that I am not sure how it fits with my rational mind, my faith, or the world I've known. I also know in the back of my mind that if this could happen to Curt, it could happen to me, or my kids. That is a possible reality that I just don't want to accept. I am sure more than anyone you guys know that and feel it deep within your soul.

Tonight, your world changed. The reality of the illness was forced in your face. No, actually it was forced in Curt's face in the most cruel way. First it was him having to use a wheel chair, now the fall. What's next? Curt must feel awful. I feel awful for him. His manhood and humanity is being stripped from him. You must feel helpless. This is not how life is supposed to be.

I will pray an extra prayer from my heart. I will ask God....WHY? I don't need an answer, but you guys do. Why you?, why your kids?, and why Curt? Quite frankly I can't think of an answer right now, but I believe that God will give you one, someday. I have hope that He will.

In my response to one of your weekly updates a while back, where you talked about hope, I mentioned that the source of my hope is being able to see the hand of God working in unexpected ways. Amidst tragedy there will be the subtle and unexpected glimpses of our God letting us know that He is real and that He is right there with us all the while. He cares about each and every second...our every breath and our every move. I pray that you will see Him as you all walk through the valley of the shadow of death and that you will know and feel that He is there...always.

We love you guys.


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Bill Ziemke said...

Curtis, Cindy, Clarissa, Cayden, & Corbin:

Curt...we sincerely hope that you will recover quickly and are protected wherever you go. I wish I could have been there to stop you or at least break the fall with my body. I'm sorry…I love you Bud. You are (as always) in our heart felt perpetual prayers. That goes for all of you. Sharon and I are here for you guys at any moment. Just give us a ring at the house or cells.

Love & Concern, Bill & Sharon