Dear Friends & Family,

Faith. Is it something we are born with, is it something we learn or is it a gift from God? I think it is all three. I was born with faith, I can't remember ever not having faith. I also know that I have learned to trust in my faith daily. Even through difficult times in my life such as; back surgeries (6 of them), a miscarriage, and Curt's battle with ALS, faith has been with me. Faith helps me stay focused on the positive and remain grateful for what I have. Faith is trusting that the right answer to a problem will come. Faith is waiting patiently until things get resolved and knowing that prayer can be answered in many ways. Faith is God. I have a quiet inner faith that I don't talk about openly. I trust in God everyday, every moment and He is why I can get up in the morning and be strong for Curt and our children.

In each situation, I surrender and stop resisting and stop trying to change what I cannot change. I try to stay in the moment and be fully open to the blessings we have received and those we are yet to receive. I stand in gratitude, look at where we are, how far we have come and what we've accomplished. I believe there is a plan for our lives and we just need to have faith. With faith....all things are possible.

We had an awesome Thanksgiving week. Thanks to all of you for supporting our family and our journey.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Thanksgving Day at Barbara's Home (Curt's Mom)
Long Beach

Ready to work?
Lake Nacimiento

Corbin & Lauryn cruising Captain Morgan
Lake Nacimiento

Corey, Jacob, Clarissa, Papa Jim, Grandma Celia, Krystal, Cayden, Andrew
Me, Curt, Lauryn & Corbin
The adults were definately out-numbered for the weekend. Luckily they are all great kids!

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Barbie said...

This could be one of my favorite updates from you, Miss Cindy. You are such an inspiration and so beautiful from the sparkle of your smile to the depth of your soul. Your family is learning so much from you! You are what most women only dream of becoming.

I applaude you in your belief and stand in awe of your strength! I don't take your strength for granted and can only imagine how difficult each day is for you.

Oh.....and I love the pix you post every week! It's always so great to see how you can LIVE while struggling with this horrible disease. I don't know about everyone else, but seeing them sure helps me get thru this with you guys. By the way....give Curt a big kiss for me!

As always, you guys are in my prayers and daily thots.