What Makes Curt Great

Dear Friends & Family,

I have always considered myself a lucky girl to be with Curt. Whether dating in high school, newlyweds or married 22 years, Curt is quite a catch! He has many great qualities that have helped make our relationship special.

He is easy-going ~ Curt is the most kick back person I have ever met. Nothing seems to faze him. People will cut him off in traffic, steal a parking space he had been waiting for, or not follow through on commitments and he will just carry on.

Always a gentleman ~ Curt is the ultimate gentleman. He holds doors open for strangers, if someone drops something he is right there to pick it up, he rarely cusses, never farts in front of people or even me, he is very hospitable and takes time to listen to people who want to talk.

He stops to smell the roses ~ not literally, but he takes the time to notice things like a cool cloud formation, leaves changing colors, someone’s new haircut, or cool new items at Costco.

He is kind to everyone ~ Curt never puts himself above others; no matter your walk of life, be it a waiter, a car wash attendant, a doctor or a co-worker, Curt treats everyone with kindness and respect.

He can fix anything ~ He has always been interested in how things work and enjoys fixing and building. Whether it’s an auto, motorcycle, boat, house, plumbing, kids’ toys, bicycles or a broken necklace, he can fix it!

He has tons of common sense ~ Common sense is truly a remarkable quality!

He’s funny ~ He’s not one to be the center of attention or the life of the party but when he spurts something out, it is always witty and clever.

He’s a lover not a fighter ~ That may sound corny, but, Curt doesn’t have a temper. In our entire 28 years of being together, we have probably argued less than a dozen times. He is truly easy going.

He is super organized & clean ~ His closet, dresser drawers, garage, and motorhome storage areas are all organized, clean and labeled. He regularly goes through stuff and if it “hasn’t been used in a year” off to Goodwill it goes. He even makes sure the labels on soda and beer cans in his garage fridge are straight. One day I came home to find the fruit drawer in the house fridge organized; everything lined up in rows, apples, oranges, etc. That’s when I started to worry about him….jk! Speaking of clean, he is a freak about hygiene and always smells great.

He is a great husband ~ He puts me first and respects me. He walks me to my car in the morning when I leave and he greets me at my car when I get home in the evening. If he sees an errand on my list he will do it for me. He puts toothpaste on my toothbrush and helps with dishes. He has never said an unkind word to me. He wakes up happy and always kisses me goodnight. He makes me feel special, always.

He is a great father ~ He listens, he hugs, he teaches, he is patient. He spends time, quality time with each of the kids. He shows them respect. He never talks down to them. He is encouraging and positive. He is the ultimate role model.

I could go on and on about how great he is. Those of you who know him already know this list. You have been fortunate, like me, to experience his kindness and wit. At some point he has helped you, encouraged you, fixed something for you or shared a laugh with you. We all know what makes Curt great!

As great as Curt is to me, I am struggling. My subconscious wants to prepare me for life without Curt. It tries to drive a wedge of separation between us. It tells me I don’t need him and I will be ok without him. I struggle constantly with my mind. I remind myself to live for today, to stay in the moment. My mind is never quiet….except when I sleep. Thank God for good, restful and peaceful sleep.

Our days are full of family and friends. The kids, their school work, and sports are keeping us busy. Things will slow down by Thanksgiving break. With all the busyness it is nice to come home Monday nights and have a meal waiting for us. Thank you to everyone who provides our family with meals. The gift cards, Honeybaked ham, and notes from our out of town friends are very touching. Thank you all!

Thanks for praying with us.


Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin


Barbie said...

Get that man cloned ASAP......he is every girls dream! All that kindness wrapped up in one handsome guy and nary a fart?????? Priceless!

You are one Lucky Chick!

Dean Staberg said...

He is truly a great person and the best friend anyone could ask for. I have been blessed having him as a friend and bud. ps i've been there when he has broken the wind.