A Year of Memories

Dear Friends & Family,

It will be one year on November 11, 2010 since Curt was officially diagnosed with ALS. On one hand it seems like only yesterday that we heard the devastating news, on the other hand it seems like a lifetime ago. Over the past year we have been to countless doctors’ appointments, Curt has endured many tests, we have researched the disease, tried experimental treatments, and readied our home to be wheelchair accessible. We have spent a lot of time and money trying to treat and live with ALS. All that aside, our most important accomplishment of year #1, is that we have continued to live life at its fullest.

The other day I was thinking of all that we have done in the past year. I decided to look at my calendar and make a list. Here it is:

November 11, 2009 – November 11, 2010

Palm Springs for Thanksgiving
Christmas Harbor Cruise with lots of friends
Christmas Vacation at the lake
New Years at the Desert
Boys Trip to the Desert in January
Monster Truck Jam with the boys
Clarissa club volleyball season November-July
Cayden’s 15th Birthday Party
Our first ever Super Bowl Party
Las Vegas for Presidents Day Weekend Volleyball Tournament with Clarissa
Curt’s Big 44th Birthday Bash
Cayden’s Los Al High School volleyball team season
Clarissa’s 17th Birthday Party
March trip to the desert with the hugest group of friends ever!
Curt & his buddies Sprint Car Racing
Friday Night Lights Season of football for Corbin
A prayer service at Torrance Beach with 100 people praying for Curt
Trip to Monterrey Mexico for a stem cell treatment
Easter Dinner at our house with family
Easter Break vacation in Monterey California
Sacramento & San Francisco with Corbin’s 4th grade class
Clarissa’s Junior Prom
Memorial Day Weekend at Lake Nacimiento
Curt & Cindy’s 22nd Anniversary in Palm Springs
2 girl’s weekends in Big Bear
2 guy’s weekends, 1 in the desert, 1 fishing in Bishop
Drivers training and permit for Cayden
Volleyball Party for Clarissa’s Club team at our house
Garth Brooks Concert in Las Vegas
Visit from Curt’s brother Mike from New York
4th of July Weekend at Lake Nacimiento and then back again 3 weeks later
Clarissa to Texas in July and again in October to see Pond Family, TCU and Cowboys
A week in Oregon with family
A redecorated living room
Cayden joining Los Al JV Football Team
Friday mornings with the guys for breakfast at Adelitas - Curt
Friday mornings with 7 amazing women - Cindy
Corbin’s 11th Birthday Party
Cousins Alyson & Jeanno came to visit us for the weekend
A weekend in Palm Springs with 10 couples in an amazing house
First day of school; 5th grade, 10th grade and 12th grade
AYSO soccer for Corbin
School football team for Corbin
ALS Walk with over 90 friends!
Visit from the Pond Family from Texas and a trip to Sea World
32 parties or dinners with friends at their homes or ours on Friday & Saturday nights
1 wedding and 2 funerals

All I can say is we are totally blessed! We are blessed with friends, blessed with opportunities and blessed with a happy life. We can truly say that this past year was lived to the fullest. It was fun putting this list together and reminiscing about each activity and the special people in our lives. We could not have had such a great year without our friends and family. Thank you all for supporting us and for praying for us. We are looking forward to another great year.

We enjoyed last week with Mike, Melissa, Noelle (4) and Anna Kate (18 months) Pond from Texas. They are expecting another girl in February! We loved visiting Sea World and having them here with us. The weather was so warm we were able to spend a lot of time in the pool and sun (go Curt)!

When we visited Mike & Melissa in March on our way to Mexico, Melissa gave Curt her special Milagros Cross. A few months ago Curt found this "California Seashell Cross" and bought it for Melissa. We have been waiting for this visit so he could give it to her.  
Friday night was Krystal's brother's memorial service.
It was so touching to see Cayden's friends there to support him and Krystal. 

Once again, thank you for praying and thank you for supporting us!

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

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Melissa said...

We love you and miss you so much already! We are so blessed to live life with you! :)