My Parents by Clarissa

Dear Friends & Family,

Ever since I was old enough I have made my own lunch for school. Sometime around eighth grade my dad started making our sandwiches for us, we got used to it and soon I never thought twice about it. He made them after he got sick, but once his hands wouldn't permit him anymore my mom started doing it. She could’ve told us we need to start making them again, but being the incredible person she is, she started making them every morning with no complaints. She is the most amazing, selfless, helpful and kind person I know. She is so fun and is always ready for the next adventure.

My mom & I spent last weekend together when the guys were at the lake. It was nice to hang out with her without the boys jumping in all the time. I always hear my friends complain about their parents, how annoying they are or how they don't understand. I tell people all the time I have the coolest parents ever and I can honestly say I mean it. I can talk to them about anything; we have fun together and are always laughing like crazy. I love having parents who are so supportive and truly want me to be happy and succeed.

For the past year, I've been hanging out with my dad after school. We constantly laugh, usually at each other. His humor helps me deal with his disease. He is so positive; it completely amazes me every day. He always comes into the room with a smile on his face, ready to make people laugh. If he’s not tanning (hehe), he will roll out to my car when I get home asking if I need help with my bag. I am speechless for how helpful and selfless he is. I am so grateful for the time we get to spend together, I am enjoying every second of it. I try not to think about the future, but it’s always in the back of mind. We are definitely learning to live it up and enjoy every moment. He is the best Dad ever.

With love, Clarissa

The past two weeks have been filled with friends and parties! Friday breakfasts with the group at Adelitas, dinner at a Lebanese Restaurant with the Melansons, movies with the kids, Belmont Brewery with the McGhee Family, lunch and football at the Coyle home, DuBunne Day Spa with Carolyn, girls night out to The Melting Pot and the next night at Islands, while the guys were at the lake. Northwood’s Inn with Mark & Kelli (happy 26th anniversary!), Corbin to winter camp for the weekend, Cayden to Super Cross, Clarissa to basketball games, Chinese Food with the Hunters and Coyles. Super Bowl party at our house Sunday and dinner tonight at Ruth’s Chris for Cayden’s 16th Birthday. Wow! We are super blessed with a full calendar and just enough energy to enjoy it all!

Curt struggles daily to move, eat and talk. You would never know it because his attitude is awesome. He is enjoying the constant activity and flow of friends through our door. Thank you all for your support, love and prayers.


Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Guys Trip - Lake Nacimiento
(Cayden not pictured)

Girls Night Out - The Melting Pot

Friday Breakfast at Adelitas

Happy 26th Anniversary Mark & Kelli!
Northwoods Inn

Gotta love the naked women paintings hung with the deer mounts.

Our street was way into Super Bowl - 4 neighbors were having parties!

Almost time for Super Bowl

 Let the game begin....

Bill Z, Mike Casey, Steve-O, Jim & Curt
 Bill, Curt & Mom

 Cayden's 16th Birthday
Cayden & Krystal's 1 Year Anniversary
At Ruth's Chris
They exchanged gifts: a ring and a watch!


Grandma & Corbin


Melissa said...

Man, seeing you guys at all of the "places we've been" makes me miss you guys SO much! Wishing we were in Cali... but I guess we've got to stay here and have a baby first. LOL!

Anonymous said...


You are a wonderfully special girl who makes everyone smile and who has many great gifts. The main one being the gift of love. Thank you for showing your genuine fondness and generous love to your Dad (it is obvious you two share a unique bond and it shows in everything you do together). Thank you for loving all of us the way you do and sharing that beautiful message for your heart. We love you relentlessl! UB / AS