Daily Struggles

Dear Friends & Family,

With each passing day our struggles are increasing and our love and patience is tested constantly. I can't begin to imagine how someone could go through this without the deep love Curt & I have for each other. It is so difficult to watch as Curt struggles to hold a fork and feed himself, as he tries to shave or stand up at the sink to brush his teeth. He can barely manage the zipper on his shorts, hold a cup or open doors. Fixing himself a meal, dressing himself and even getting into bed without assistance is out of the question. To watch my strong, handsome man wither away makes my heart hurt every moment.

More and more his ability to speak diminishes each day. Sometimes his words are hard to understand so I try to listen really hard so he doesn't have to repeat himself. He can't talk loud so he has a hard time communicating in noisy places. When we are with friends I find myself talking more in order to relieve him from having to struggle to speak. If someone asks him a question that needs more than a few words to answer, he will look at me to answer for him. I often wonder if we should be going over details for the future and saying all that needs to be said before his voice is gone completely. But, things like that can't be forced. We have been great communicators for 29 years, I think somehow we'll figure it out when that time comes.

Clarissa continues to spend tons of time with Curt. They are always laughing and leaving the rest of us wondering what is so funny between them. Cayden is busy with volleyball and friends, but is great to help around the house with manly duties that I can't handle. He is always right there to help his Dad get into bed or help make him more comfortable in his wheelchair or whatever Curt may need. Corbin is our snuggle bug. As I am writing this he is asking us to get into bed so we can have snuggle time. He enjoys getting Curt ready for bed which helps me out a lot. He often brings Curt slippers, water, a blanket for his lap or whatever he thinks would make Curt more comfortable. Our kids are awesome! It breaks my heart that they have to go through this.

We are blessed to have Rosalie, Curt's caregiver, here Monday through Thursday. She arrives at 10:00 am, after I have showered and dressed Curt, and makes him a super delicious breakfast and coffee! I leave for work and they plan out the day. If it is sunny out, Curt will sit in the back yard and enjoy the sun while Rosalie tidys the house and does laundry. Later, they will shop for dinner ingredients, go to the dry cleaners and other random errands. She and Curt pick up Corbin from school in the afternoon. I am kind of a freak about a clean house; thankfully she is too. I love that she can cook anything and it all tastes so good! She is full of energy and can talk to anyone. Most of all I am thankful that she cares so much about Curt (and our entire family). She has taken so much pressure off of me and given me more time to spend with my family.

Without the support of my parents, Curt's mom and siblings, and all our friends; life would be so much more difficult. It is a constant battle to manage this disease and all that it brings with it. I miss the carefree days of the past and sometimes want to get in my car and just keep driving. I haven't done it yet and probably wouldn't get too far before I started missing Curt and turn back towards home. Thank you for praying.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

At Carolyn's "Gidget and Moondoggie" Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Carolyn!  with Debbie & RaeLynn

Sunday Funday with our great neighbors!
We enjoyed chili billys, fruit, chinese chicken salad, veggies and a movie by the warm (but smokey) fire. Perfect way to spend a rainy day!

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