Running - Part 2

Dear Family & Friends,

The best part of running is the fact that we are surrounded by friends and family running right along side us. We are so blessed by people who care. After my post last week we received an outpouring of encouragement; emails, cards, invites to go out, phone calls and meals delivered to our door. I am amazed by how many people truly care about our family and our journey. We are so thankful for each of you!

The last two weeks have been busy as usual. Here are some highlights in pictures!

This was actually from Valentine's Day. Lauryn's parents wanted to share with us the card that Corbin made for Lauryn for Valentine's Day. As parents, we are so proud of the respect they show each other. Corbin is not a big writer, in fact, he hates to write, so this is truly a work of love. With Corbin & Lauryn's permission, I am sharing what Corbin wrote inside.

Dear Lauryn,

I love u and hope we are together for a long time you are the reason I have happiness in my heart. When I get sad u make me feel better. When something happens like one of my family members get hurt u make me feel better about myself. When I get hurt u comfort me. U are always there for me. U are the one I love. When I get sick u do amazing things for me just to make me feel better. You show me and my family amazing compassion. U love my dad as I would love my dad. When u get mad at me for buying u gifts that shows me that u could take advantage of me but u don't. You're unselfish and u go out of you're way to do stuff for every person u see that needs help.

There are so many quality traits u have that I couldn't even name them all. When my dad first got ALS u were there for me. U are always there for me whenever I am sad whenever I am happy when I accomplish amazing things whenever I need u, u are there for me. U are actually the first girlfriend I've ever had. I love u.

Love, Corbin

Corbin & Lauryn - 3 months together
....or 98 days as Corbin keeps track
Cayden's Volleyball Fans

Barbara/Mom/Nana & Cayden
Clarissa is 18! Girls night out!

Hooters! Happy Birthday Clarissa!

Clarissa & Cayden's Birthday Party Invitation
Clarissa & Cayden planned most of the party details, shopped, decorated and narrowed the guest list down to 100 friends. Yikes!
Below are the photos of this awesome party.

Happy #18 Clarissa & # 16 Cayden

Cayden & Krystal

The mechanical bull was a hit! Go Clarissa!

My mom spent countless hours making Clarissa the perfect dress for her party! Clarissa loved it! My mom also shopped for and purchased Cayden's, Curt's and my shirts for the party! Thanks Mom!

The party was so much fun! Clarissa & Cayden have really nice friends (so the 10 chaperones were a little bored). Thank you; Andi, Debbie, Jim, Carolyn, Bill, Mom, Dad, Barbara, Bill Z & Sharon for all your help!

Sunday Funday!
Happy hour, movies and Enrique's Mexican Restaurant with our wonderful neighbors!

Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes with George & Denise
Happy Birthday George!

Once again, thank you all for being there for us through this difficult journey. Please pray for Curt as he has so many physical struggles each day. He tries so hard to remain positive through all the frustration and emotional pain he is enduring. He is truly my hero!

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

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