Cancun (2008)

Dear Friends & Family,

After listening to light rain fall on the roof and balcony of our Casita all night, we woke up to torrential rain the next day. We made our way to the concierge to figure out how long it was expected to rain and if there were any activities we could enjoy while we waited out the storm. It was October 2008, and we were about to experience the rainy season in Cancun (Riviera Maya), Mexico. The concierge was pretty vague about how long the rain would last; looking back I realize he didn’t want to disappoint us. Apart from a timeshare seminar, all activities were unavailable during the rain. We returned to our room and aside from schlepping through the 3 inches of water which filled the walkways of the expansive resort to get to assorted restaurants for meals, the room was where we remained for most of the next 3 days.

We were in Cancun with our friends Ed & Julie. They were celebrating their 25th Anniversary and invited us along. We had just had our 20th Anniversary in June so it made a good excuse for us to splurge on our first tropical vacation. The El Dorado Resort was all we could dream of in an all-inclusive tropical resort. There were a few excursions we were interested in, but for the most part, we just wanted to hang by the pool and beach and enjoy fu fu drinks with umbrellas. Turns out the only umbrellas we would be seeing were the real ones you have to carry when it rains. Seriously, I have not seen so much rain in my life. It was 3 full days of torrential downpours. All tours were canceled. The ocean was murky. The sky was full of clouds. We had to walk the resort in shorts and bare feet because the water was up to our ankles so shoes were of no use.

After the second day, we gave up on ever seeing sun and made the best of the situation. The restaurants were gourmet and the food served in small portions, was amazing and full of flavor. We joined in on a tequila tasting one day. The next day, Ed & Julie shared a bottle of Opus One wine with us on their anniversary. We even attended the time share seminar for something to do. But like I said, the majority of our time was spent in our gorgeous room which overlooked the pool and the ocean. We laid in bed all afternoon watching movies, we enjoyed the spa tub with windows toward the ocean and we napped on the outdoor bed on our private balcony, Yes, most of the trip was just the two of us, with absolutely no distractions. Our focus was on each other and being together. We rested and renewed our energy, away from people, parties and places to go. We didn’t let the bad weather get us down, we changed our mind set from a tropical vacation with lots to do and see into a time to rest and be together. Our room was filled with the sound of relaxing spa music, it was a great music channel we discovered on the tv, and when we weren’t watching tv, the music played day and night and added to the relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

We woke up on our last full day to blue skies, sun and the most beautiful ocean I have ever seen. There it was, the picture that was on the brochure! We joined up with Ed and Julie and made plans to visit each of the ten pools at the resort, have a drink at each one and then end up at the last pool which was nearest their room for the rest of the day. As we stepped into the first pool the outdoor music system filled the air with Kenny (my favorite) Chesney’s song, Have Another Beer in Mexico. That was the start of another great day in Cancun. I say another great day because, although the first three and a half days were not what we had envisioned, they were great. Now more than ever, I reflect on those days in our room, listening to the ocean, the rain, the spa music and the heartbeat of the man I love, snuggled together in paradise.

I often think about that trip. Rain or shine, it would have been great. But the fact that it rained to point that we were pretty much confined to our room was a blessing. You see, Curt was diagnosed one year later. That trip created lasting memories between the two of us; time alone, just being together. Time when he was healthy and we had our whole future ahead of us. Time for us to plan a return trip with the kids. No black cloud over our future, no wondering how much longer, no worries about fatherless children. Just he and I together....the way it should still be today and for always.

Please pray. I am so sad, so extremely sad. I don’t want to lose him.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Curt took Corbin & I to The Great Park in Irvine to ride the Big Orange Balloon

A view from the balloon 400 feet up.

It was beautiful up there, a little windy, but I acted brave because Curt was so excited to show us!

Corbin visited his inner child and rode the Carousel!

Cayden has been working this summer. He is up and out the door at 6:50 am to get to work by 7:30.
 He is learning how to do the maintenance on the trucks, oil changes, check fluids, rotate tires, etc. He will also be helping Paul restore a few cars.

Corbin is leaving for Oregon tomorrow with my parents. 
He and Lauryn spent the day together at the office.

Clarissa has been in Maui since last Thursday. She is having a blast!
She comes home this Thursday!

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Oh my! Your writing is getting so poignant...hard to read without getting bugs in my eyes. Love is sent your way, dear child.