Our Clarissa

Dear Friends & Family,

Her smile lights up the room. Her laughter is contagious. Her charm is incredible. Her love is genuine. Earlier this evening our daughter Clarissa graduated High School. She is now officially entering the “real world.” To Clarissa, this is not a big step. She has always been mature for her years. In Junior High she had a checking account, at 15 ½ she had a car waiting for her to get her license on her 16th birthday and from an early age she has had the freedom to plan her own activities. She has always been responsible, therefore, we have given her a fair amount of freedom. She has never taken advantage of her freedom, well, actually she did twice, but those were great learning experiences for her and us.

Although her room is not as organized as I would like it at times, it doesn’t faze her. She is organized where and when she needs to be. Unlike me, she doesn’t need lists and calendars to keep on track; she stores it all mentally and never seems to miss a beat. She has confidence beyond measure. She can talk to adults as well as her peers. She is comfortable around all types of people and in all types of settings. Whether it is a funeral, a job interview or a fancy dinner, she always knows what to say, how to dress and how to act.

She is creative. Whether it is art or clothes, she makes everything look beautiful. She has a great eye for design and can visualize how things should look. She takes amazing photos.

She cares deeply. She loves her brothers and praises them while investing her time to teach them life’s lessons. She wants them to be responsible and respectful, and has high standards and expectations of them. Her love for her grandparents is evident. Her love for Curt and I is shown constantly by the way she respects us. She hurts when her friends are hurting and laughs when they are laughing. Clarissa’s emotions are always evident.

Although she wanted to attend Texas Christian University next year she has decided to stay close to home and close to Curt while attending California State University Long Beach. We supported her decision to attend college in Texas and then also her decision to stay close. Honestly, we are glad she will attend college locally. We cannot imagine a day without her in it. She is the light of our lives, our pride and joy, and all we could ever dream in a daughter.

We love you Clarissa!

Mom & Dad
and Cayden & Corbin


Our Dear Friend - Lorraine Duvall


Melissa said...

Awww, that's all so Clarissa! Congratulations to one amazing "little" girl (who should not be graduating high school yet)!

Anonymous said...

Curtis, the Peffers are praying for you.....Perry says Hi..