Protective Veil

Dear Friends & Family,

The mosquito planted himself on Curt's leg and just sucked away at his blood and there was nothing Curt could do to get him off. A few days later a bumble bee landed on Curt's bare shoulder and once again Curt just sat steady until he could get my attention to shoo it away. Awhile back, Curt got a sinus infection and was unable to blow his nose, get comfortable in bed or control his constant sneezing. It doesn't seem fair that things happen to him, isn't he already suffering enough?

Lately I have been suffering from insomnia. Sleepless nights lead to anxiety filled days where my energy and emotions are short and raw (which I keep hidden beneath my smile for Curt). I would love to be guaranteed protection from insomnia, while we are at it, throw in protection from plumbing problems, dead rats in our woodpile, friends moving away, car troubles and the endless list of things that need to be done or fixed around here. I would love for Clarissa to have protection from friendship troubles and Cayden to be able to continue work and play without getting too overwhelmed when I need him to do things around the house. I would love for Corbin to have a healthy outlet for his emotions.

Asking for things is not my style. I try to keep up with our commitments and do what needs to be done without asking for help. I normally concentrate on the positive things in our lives and am always thankful that we are so blessed.  But, it seems like lately we are trudging through mud. Going nowhere fast. Two steps forward three steps back. You know all the sayings. I was just thinking that if we had a protective veil around our family (although that seems like a greedy thought) life for us would be so much easier. Right now is when we (I) need it. Things have never been tougher. Curt has never needed so much physical help. I have never been so tired. Our emotions have never been so raw.  Life has never been so hard.

Thank you for caring and praying.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin


Melissa said...

This makes sense. We are all humbled by your honesty. Look for the veil. It will come. It has to.

Zach Darr said...

Dear Cindy and Curt, Prayer boms on the way for you all...Curt you may not remember me but your brother Bill is a dear friend of mine and it does my soul good to know he has faith solid as a rock and it seems you and Cindy do too...I pray for Gods covering and hedge of protection on you all free from worry pain and the anxiety weighing heavy on your hearts...Just know I am praying for you because our almighty God is orchestrating...if we never have a chance to meet anytime in the near future remember me! I will not forget you! A brother in Christ...Praise God!!! - Zach Darr

Andrea Fowler said...

We think of you and pray for you daily. We pray that God comfort you and carry you through this. God sends you what you need through those around you. You are surrounded by so many friends who are just waiting for you to tell them how they can help. Let us help and hold that vail for you. Love you. Your friends in Christ. The Fowlers.

Donna Trahan said...

God JESUS HOLY SPIRT without these three i wouldnt be alive to tell you how much i love you and miss your face but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ! I hope to see you soon so I can say it to your face that I love you! Gregory Edward Ziemke!