Birthday Wishes!

Dear Friends & Family,

As you have heard me mention in the past, birthdays are a big deal to our family. We celebrated Cayden's #17 last week and Curt's #46 is this Saturday. He honestly did not think he would make it to 46. We had many discussions because he doesn't like odd numbers and did not want to die at an uneven number. We are keeping his birthday simple with a few small celebrations, but I was thinking it would be great if you could all make it super special for him.

Many people want to say their "last words" to Curt, but do not know when it would be appropriate. They don't want to talk to him like he is dying, but they do want to tell him how special he has been in their lives. I think his birthday would be the perfect occasion to send a note or email with a simple thought, story, wish or memory of Curt in your life. His birthday is this Saturday the 18th, but it would be cool to hear from you anytime. What you send will be enjoyed by the kids and me for years to come. The kids especially like to hear stories about their Dad.

Thank you for taking the time to do this for Curt and our family, it will be a great birthday surprise for him!
We love all our supporters, pray-ers, meal deliver-ers, household repair people, friends, family, coworkers, etc. Please continue to keep Curt in your prayers, he is way too nice of a guy to have to endure the physical and emotional pain this disease is causing him.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Cayden's birthday dinner at Kobe

Cayden's celebration with friends at BJ's

Cayden & Paige at his birthday party!

Cayden's party was themed a "C" party. Guests were asked to dress as something that began with a "C".
Sierra and Paige are Cupid, Ella is a criminal and Clarissa is cotton candy.
Cayden has a great group of friends who all got into the spirit and enjoyed the celebration!

Cayden's birthday dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

Corbin took Lauryn to La Tavolata for Valentine's Day
...just the two of them, so adorable! (Clarissa was their waitress)

Cayden & Paige celebrated all day, they had many sweet surprises for eachother!

I have always said "Everyday is Valentine's Day with Curt." We don't really celebrate February 14th, we celebrate all year long. Anyways, no gifts, no cards, but Curt spotted this cookie in the cupboard and greeted me with this when I got home from work. Awwww!

Valentine's Day 2012

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