Dear Curt....

Dear Curt,

This August will be 30 years that we have been dating/married. To sum up 30 years in a letter is quite impossible, but I will give it a shot. There are so many words to describe you that I can't even narrow it down. Your smile kind of says it all. It is sweet, yet mischievous, confident, yet approachable. You are the nicest guy on earth. Never have you raised your voice or lost your temper with me in all these years. That is the most commendable attribute that sets you apart from many I know. You are truly a hero to all that know you. You offer help to friends and strangers, you are pleasant with everyone you come across. You wake up each day happy and ready for whatever may come your way. You are (were) physically strong and have more common sense than most people. You balance me and my emotions. You put things into perspective. Not only do you make the world a better place, you have made me a better person. I could go on and on with how amazing you truly are. Like I have said many times, I feel like the luckiest girl to have had you all these years.

The greatest gift you have given me is 3 awesome children that not only look like you, but who are smart, confident, and just as amazing as you are. You have taught them so much, life lessons that they will carry with them throughout their years. Every time I look at them I see you (in them) and it reminds me how wonderful you are.

Often I forget that our family are not the only ones dealing with the impending loss of You. Each of our friends have stories of how you have touched their lives in positive ways. It was fun spending this weekend (your birthday weekend) reading cards, notes and emails from all the people who care about you. To see how special you are to others makes me feel that much more proud to call you my husband. You are truly one of a kind and I love you more than words could ever express. You will live on in my heart forever!

Cindy, Petunia, Lover-kins, Shindy, etc.

Curt's 46th Birthday dinner at The Bottle Inn - Thursday night

Lunch at Huffs on Friday

Hanging out with our neighbors, Friday night!
Gary, Joyce, Mark & Kelli & Mike

We were surprised when 43 friends showed up in their Pj's with breakfast on Saturday morning!
Happy Birthday Curt! 

It was a great day to soak up some sun and hang out with friends in the backyard.
Thank you Drake Family for such a sweet sign!

Thanks Mike and Pilot Jeff for taking Cayden flying. 

Off they go!
Saturday Dinner at Vince's with Steve-O, Mike, Janet, Denise, George, Jim & Colleen

Sunday night family party at our house!

Melissa, Cousin James, Cayden, Cousin Jonathon, and Corbin

Sharon & Brother Bill

Happy 46th Birthday Curt!

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Christina Buck said...

A lovely testament to all the love you have in your life.