The Motorhome

Dear Friends & Family,

It's a 3.5 hour drive to the Mojave Desert to ride motorcycles, 5 hours to the Colorado River to go boating and 13 hours to Bend, Oregon to see my parents in the summer. But when we are driving in the motorhome we lose all concept of time. I sit in the passenger seat with a child beside me (they switch off throughout our trips) Curt drives with ease and confidence and is happy as can be with the stereo on, a diet coke nearby, a box of cheez-its within reach and 450 horsepower pushing him down the road. He can seriously drive forever without a stop, and with 200 gallons of diesel in the tank we can go pretty far! We have wonderful memories of all our family trips taken in our various motorhomes, but this one holds the fondest for me. I remember specifically the books I read to Corbin as he sat on my lap, the puzzles Cayden & I worked on at the dinette as we headed down the road and the music and dances Clarissa performed on trips to different places. Most of all, I remember the happiness and excitement pouring out of Curt while he drove. He was so confident behind the wheel of our 40 foot motorhome. He loved to "go" like everyone in our family and being in the motorhome together was our special family time. No matter where we were headed we knew we would step out to fresh air, stars at night, friends and fun family memories.

When Curt got sick we knew we had to sell the motorhome. Packing up the motorhome was one of the hardest things I have had to endure with this disease. The smell, the memories and everything we did in there is so alive and fresh in my mind. I can't go near it, let alone in it without breaking down and crying. It not so much the physical object, but the thought of knowing we will never be a family like that again.

The motorhome is currently in Yuma on a consignment lot for sale. For my peace of mind, I need it sold and gone. I need to get over the emotions that it brings out in me. Please pray that it will sell to someone soon. We will be happy to know that someone is enjoying it as much as we did! Meanwhile, thanks to Michelle, Mike, Paul, Bob and Linda for all your help with getting it packed and helping to sell it. Just in case someone is interested, here is more info: For Sale - Monaco Executive 

Curt still needs lots of prayers for his comfort. He is so weak and uncomfortable. Life is not fun for him. Thank you for supporting our family and praying.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Corbin went to Winter Camp with the Church Middle School Group this past weekend.

And Lauryn too!

Mike arranged for Clarissa to go flying with pilot Jeff on Sunday!

Curt checked out the prop before take off!

They did lots of maneuvers and acrobatics, Clarissa had a blast!

Super Bowl party at Mark & Kelli's

Curt & Clarissa continue to have their own laughs and "inside" jokes with each other.

If you would like a "Praying For Curt" wristband, please send a self-addressed envelope with
quanity requested to:
 Wristbands 614 W. 184th St. Gardena, CA 90248
Thanks for praying!

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