Our Own Paradise

Dear Friends & Family,

The ups and downs of  living with this disease are fast and furious. One minute we are happy and the next we are falling apart in tears. Although we are blessed in many ways, the sad truth is Curt is fading away day by day. Ten months ago our friends began planning our third annual Palm Springs trip for this September. I asked them not to talk about it in front of Curt as I knew he would not be alive at this time. Thankfully I was wrong and we spent last weekend together with our friends in Rancho Mirage at an awesome rental home feeling like we were in Paradise.

As I was packing for the trip and talking to my mom on the phone she said "I wonder how many people pack up their hospital beds and go away as often as you guys do." We are fortunate to have friends who are willing to disassemble, load, haul and reassemble the bed, help me carry bags of medications, wheelchair parts, chargers, linens, pillows, blender, drinks, special foods and even his toilet. These days we definitely do not travel light.

It is awesome to have friends that help get Curt in and out of bed, in and out of the pool, help me shower him, feed him and prepare his drinks and meals. Curt had a wonderful time this weekend relaxing in the pool and laughing with everyone. Curt asked me to thank you guys for a great weekend and for all you did for him. Thanks to my girlfriends for being there for me; what better place to have a breakdown than in Palm Springs, sitting by the pool, under the moon, surrounded by friends. Thanks for snapping me out of it too. We love you all!

We never imagined our lives would be so full at this point in the disease. It seems with the help of those around us we can keep on going and making the most of every moment.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Our 4,000 square foot pool and 9 hole putting green!
This is truly Paradise!

Friends Forever!
Thanks for a great weekend!

Love this man...and his smile!

Our house for the weekend was awesome!

The kids had fun at home without us!
Thanks Schultze Family for having Corbin for the weekend!

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