Corbin's Story About His Dad

Dear Friends & Family,

Here is a special update from Corbin and how he is dealing with his dad's illness:

In November of 2009, when my mom told me my dad was sick, at the dinner table one night, I fell to my knees and then ran to my bed and cried for hours. Each of my family members came and joined me on my huge bed, one at a time. Then I went to the living room and joined my brother and sister who were on the couch hugging my dad. I decided to join them too. Trying to find space like a pig to his mother to get milk, I finally got in close to my dad. Later I cheered all of us up with a joyful gesture. In order to distract myself from the sadness, I got my photo album out and sat with my dad looking through it. My dad was beside me in so many pictures; it reminded me of how close he has been to me all these years. I needed another distraction so I turned on Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Later that week when my dad came in my room to tuck me in and lay down with me in bed, he held me and I felt his chest. He didn't feel as strong to me as usual. I had known for awhile that his hands were weak and beating, but I thought it was just his heart beating in his hands. But now I felt his arms were shaking and I knew for sure there was a problem.

On Christmas morning I looked at my dad's face and a feeling of sadness went through my body. Then I thought to myself, just keep a straight and plain face and I won't feel bad, or be sad, or cry, and no else will feel bad either.

The best thing about my dad is that he has loved me and taught me everything I know for 10 years and I am still learning. I love to follow him on his motorcycle on trails through the desert during our weekend trips. My other favorite thing is sitting on my dad's lap and driving our boat. He has taught me so well that now I can drive it with him sitting next to me. This weekend he taught me to drive his big 2005 Chevy Truck. I drove through the desert while he sat beside me. Don't tell anyone, but he let me drive on an empty highway.

When I come face to face with a close friend, close parent, family member, or a teacher, I try my hardest to resist thinking about my dad because I know that I will break down and cry. Even though I know that crying is good for me, I just don't want to cry in front of people. When I am at home, playing video games or riding my motorcycle in the desert I don't think about it, I just focus on what I am doing.

I don't want to think about the future. I just pray every day that my dad will get better.


Corbin Mitchell Ziemke
10 years old

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