Everything is Brighter on a Cloudy Day

Dear Friends & Family,

Have you ever noticed that everything is brighter on a cloudy day? When the sky is gray and overcast, colors become more vivid because they are not competing with the sun. At our house, the grass becomes a deep velvet green and the flowers in the yard "pop" with their brilliant colors. The other day I was wearing a bright pink shirt on a cloudy day. I caught my reflection in a storefront window and it looked like I was glowing. I love colors; bright, cheery, and vibrant. I love cloudy days; there are no shadows or glares.

Our life right now is kind of like a cloudy day. We are going through our normal activities and routines, but everything is a little brighter. The image of each activity is more focused. Each moment with Curt is sharper, clearer and more vivid. On Saturday, Curt made a comment in passing that I took the wrong way. I spent most of the day hurt and stewing about it. Later that night we talked and it was just a misunderstanding. This disease has caused us both to be more sensitive (which we have never been). Each word, each moment, each action is brighter and bigger. I am sad that I spent a day upset at Curt. What a waste of our limited time together. We were at the desert for the weekend with a great group of friends. We spent Saturday night sitting around the campfire visiting with friends and then laughing for over an hour straight (thanks for the entertainment Dan-o). We laughed so hard we woke up Sunday with sore abs. Being sore from laughing is a great feeling and just what we needed.

We clearly know how we want to spend these days. Nothing big, nothing monumental, just our regular life with more focus. More focus on each other, on feelings, on enjoying the beauty of this earth. I thank God everyday for having such a full and wonderful life. A great husband, great kids, great work, great friends and great family. What more could anyone ask for?


Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

PS: We are seriously thinking about going to Mexico ASAP for a stem cell treatment. Curt's doctor does not support this particular treatment. His physical symptoms are getting worse by the day. We feel we have to try all options at this point. Please pray with us for the right decision to be laid on our hearts.

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