ALS Top 10

Dear Friends & Family,

Although this is the most horrific and painful experience any family could go through, we have to find the bright side of our situation. Here's our Top 10:

10. Party time! These days we use any excuse for a party or get together!

9. No time to procrastinate. Just do it! Get it done!

8. Prioritizing is easier. We pass on what's not important. Curt only has so much energy, so we pick and choose what we spend our time on.

7. Handicap Parking Placard. It is nice to have front row parking; that way Curt can save his energy for what's important.

6. The Gift of Time. We are able to plan and get organized for the future. Curt has been organizing his tools and such and teaching us all how things work around here.

5. Disability Checks. After over 25 years of steady employment, it is nice to get a check in the mail every two weeks for doing nothing.

4. Monday Meals. It is amazing to see people take time from their lives to provide us with meals. We are really enjoying the meals and it takes a lot of pressure off of our family.

3. Enhanced Senses. Sunsets are more magnificent, full moons are brighter, crashing waves are more thunderous, food in the oven smells tastier, and hugs last a little longer.

2. Being with our kids. Our time together is more meaningful than ever. It is like watching a movie in slow motion. Each interaction is more cherished. We love being together!

1. Friendships. Our friendships have become deep. We are all fighting this disease and traveling this road together. We have never felt closer to our friends than we do now.

There it is, the ALS Top 10. Hope it brings some inspiration to you and yours.

Last week I mentioned that Curt was getting fitted for a walker. The doctors decided that he needed power chair (wheelchair) instead. They gave him a cane to use until the power chair arrives. He walks great with a cane, much more stable, but he is not ready to use it in public yet. What can I say.....canes are not something a 44 year-old should have to deal with. We will see what happens. Thanks for continuing to pray for Curt and all he is going through.

Our weekend at Lake Nacimiento was great. Perfect weather and good friends enjoying the lake. Thank you Jim for all your help with the boat, dock, ropes, tubes, wake-boards, coolers and everything else. Thank you Bill Z, Bill M, Bernie, Colleen, Carolyn, Bart, Mom & Dad for all your help during the weekend and in preparation of the weekend. Although it was hard for Curt to watch (and not be a part of) all the action, he enjoyed being at the lake, driving the boat and soaking up the sun. We hope that there will be more trips this summer. Thank you to all our "Lake Friends" for stopping in to say hi and to check on Curt. We are very touched that you all care so much and are so willing to offer your help.

Curt & I are looking forward to spending this Thursday & Friday in Palm Springs for our 22nd Year Anniversary! Thank you Melanson Family for your generous gift of a room at the luxurious Westin! We can't wait to relax in the Palm Springs sun and just "be" together!

I have a special request of all Curt's friends. As Curt was getting into the boat this weekend, his phone fell out of his pocket and to the bottom of Lake Nacimiento. He was upset to lose everyone's phone numbers. He got a new phone today, but has no numbers. Please give him a call this week so he can add your number to his phone. Thanks!

Please pray for strength for Curt. He gets tired so quickly. There is so much he wants to do, but his body won't let him. He has never been one to sit around, but he is coping. We are thankful for all the prayer warriors who pray for his needs.


Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

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