Woodstock Road

Dear Friends & Family,

Imagine living on a tree-lined street with freshly painted homes, green lawns, and some of the nicest people you could meet living inside. Woodstock Road, our street, has 22 homes; out of those 22, we have the assurance of knowing we could knock on 18 different doors if we ever needed anything. Although we all come from different backgrounds, religions, have assorted careers, support different political beliefs and different sports teams, we all come together to support each other and our street. We fondly call ourselves The Woodstockers.

Our family is relatively new on the street, it’s been nine years since we moved here, not long compared to some of our neighbors. The long time Woodstockers tell stories of past neighbors and we all look forward to who may be moving to our street when a house sells. Our kids have all grown up together. Although they attend assorted schools and have their individual activities and friends; they all enjoy hanging out together as neighbors and even lean on each other at times for support. There may not be kids at every single house on Woodstock but almost all the homes have dogs. I think that is part of why we are all so close. Everyone walks their dogs and if you happen to be outside while someone is walking by, it is the perfect opportunity to chat for a few moments.

The greatest attribute of The Woodstockers is compassion. Since Curt’s diagnosis we have been blessed by the generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness of our neighbors. I wish I could list each thoughtful act and name, but there are too many things to list and I don’t want to leave anyone out. Here is a sampling of what has been done for us: when a contractor failed to build and deliver ramps for our porch, a neighbor went home built and installed them that same day. He even made portable ramps we keep in the Cherry Bomb so we can get Curt into the homes of friends. Dinners have come from countless neighbors, sometimes planned in advanced and sometimes a neighbor just shows up with a hot meal. A week ago, a family snuck into our house at 6:00 am and set up an amazing breakfast buffet complete with a warming dish of eggs, bacon and sausage. The kids (and us) were so excited to wake up to a hot breakfast. I have called several neighbors at different times to help pick up Curt when he has fallen, one neighbor even helped me scrub the pool of blood after Curt fell on the patio. We have several neighbors who are available to take Corbin to school whenever I need them to. Another neighbor hoses our front and back yards after a rain or before a party along with cleaning all the patio counters and furniture. The propane bottles for our outdoor heaters get filled and there are always volunteers to exchange the empty beer keg for a full one whenever needed. Sometimes we wake to a pink box of donuts on our front porch bench or a rose bush on the step to brighten our day. We have caught people filling our garage refrigerator with beer or ice cream treats for the kids. The acts of kindness go on and on.

We frequently gather at each others homes or front yards to relax, have a drink and catch up. Last Friday night The Woodstockers “celebrated” the end of summer as we all gathered in The Cunningham’s front yard. Looking around at everyone I took a moment to thank God for bringing us to Woodstock Road and for all the wonderful neighbors who have truly blessed our lives.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Some of The Woodstockers at The Cunningham's End of Summer Party.

Sunday Funday - Movie Night at The Coyle's

Dinner at Dave & Robbin Hatten's Home
Robbin babysat Corbin when he was 2-4 years old.
She was such a blessing to us and Corbin (and still is).  And Dave's a great guy too!!

The amazing Hatten family, Michael, Rachel, Robert, Isaiah, Maiya, Skila (less Nichole).
Thanks for a fun evening and yummy dinner!

Cayden had a great time setting up a tailgate party before the Los Alamitos Football Game.

Clarissa & Maddie at Presents
for Delta Zeta at CSULB.
Christine & Clarissa

After Beach Clean-up Day, the Delta Zetas celebrated with the host fraternity with a beach themed night.
Corbin & Jay after their school flag football game today.
The team lost, but the after game snack of chicken was a win for all the boys.

The Coyle Family delivered a care basket, yum!

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