Ziemke Family TV debut!! MDA Telethon this Sunday!!

Hi Everyone,

Tune in this Sunday, September 4th for the MDA Telethon. The Telethon airs from 5:00 pm until 12:30 am on KCal Channel 9. We have been told by friends that they have seen excerpts of us this week promoting the telethon. We have not seen any of the footage they filmed in July and have no idea how it was put together. The MDA has been very responsive to our needs and seems like a well run organization that truly cares about the people they are helping.

Our family will be in Hollywood at the KCET studios watching The Telethon live!!! If you choose to call in and donate $$$ your call may be answered by Clarissa and Cayden who may be working the "on camera" phone lines. Our family's interview will run sometime between 5-7pm. They have a great line up of entertainment for The Telethon so it should be a fun show to watch.

The Ziemke Family

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Karen Solorio said...

Hi Cindy,

I watched MDA Telethon in Sacramento, and I was disappointed that they didn't televise your segment.